Resident Evil 6 Demo Now Available

Just a quick note: ahead of any regular updates to store and marketplace content, Capcom’s Resident Evil 6 now has a fully playable demo available on both Xbox 360 and PS3, at least in certain territories.

It’s around a gigabyte in size, so depending on your internet connection might take anywhere between a few minutes and a day, but if you’re keen it’s a sizeable slice of gameplay.


You can read our thoughts on the full game here.

Let us know what you think of the demo if you do download it, it’s apparently different from the demo that was available with Dragon’s Dogma.



  1. I’m glad there’s a demo, as I’ve lost a bit of faith in the series – even RE4’s enemies were a bit too odd, making it feel less scary than the originals. Hopefully it’s a return to form, otherwise it just means I’ll have more time for all the other games about to be released!

    • you are a tougher man than me then youles..
      that giant ,sack faced,chainsaw wielding psycho from 5 wasn’t scary? i had nightmares for weeks
      *hides back behind settee*

      • Haha! I was more refering to that little 4ft chap (Ramon Salazar) in Resi4, link:

        A slight contradiction given that it’s got zombies in it etc, but how am I supposed to be scared by this miniture man, or take the game seriously?! Some of the enemies are more scary though, but I miss Resi 2 and Nemesis.

        It won’t help Resi6 that I played an entire playthrough of Dead Space over the weekend, what a fantastic survival horror game that is.

      • Salazar certainly didn’t stay 4ft tall though…

        That boss battle took me ages before I figured out what to do.

      • True, but he was almost comical – I half expected him to put on a red nose and start juggling!

  2. just played it……. terrible.

    crapcom wont be getting my money.

    • CRAPCOM that’s funny

    • don’t you think you should spend longer than about 40 mins playing the demo before you judge it?
      I mean, that is not even long enough to finish most demo’s.

    • Nothing more interesting that a thorough review, esp 1 worded reviews

  3. *beamy grin* cannot wait to play this tonight :D

  4. I’m on a zombie binge so this is getting downloaded asap

  5. i don’t care what anyone says, that logo still looks like a woman bending over and fellating a bloke with a giraffe head.

    • was that your last nights dream hazel? we all like blokes with giraffe heads

  6. played 5 minutes of the demo couldn’t do any more, i can’t wait for this game now seriously! don’t want to ruin it by playing any more of the demo(of Leon) can’t remember last game I was this looking forward to! latest RE film is abit shit though lol best bit about it for me is the last 10 seconds

  7. Played the demo for 10 minutes. Capcom must be kidding…

  8. Thoroughly enjoyed it. Leon’s campaign section seemed the best of the three but all of them were a lot of fun played co-op regardless. Really nice visuals too. Cannot wait until October 2nd :D

  9. I’ve only played about 15 mins of Leon’s section by myself, but it certainly seemed to be a really well done game.

    The controls don’t feel very Resident Evil, but the atmosphere does. I predict a great game, better than 5 but not quite reaching the heights of 4, my favourite, but could match 2 (my second fave).

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