Watch the Fantastic Borderlands 2 Intro Video Here

If you read the review earlier today, you’ll know that I loved the intro video for Borderlands 2. The game’s opening is one of the strongest I can remember in a long time and it works wonders to show off the tone you can expect from the rest of the 30+ hours gameplay you’ll get to enjoy.

If you want to watch this for the first time with a controller in your hand, minutes away from actually playing the game then click away now. If you want another reason to be excited for finally filling the boots of one of the four playable characters then watch on…



  1. Not watching it until I have the controller in my hand and the game disc in my PS3. 10 Minutes? Awesome. Can’t wait!

  2. Looks great. Don’t think I’ll bother with customising though.

    Thoughts on first characters? Think I’ll run through it with Zer0.

    • Just like in BL1 I’ll go Soldier for my solo playthrough and Hunter for my coop sessions with my brother.

    • I went with the Commando class for my main play through but I tested them all a little bit.
      Think I might try Zer0 for another go through after release when there’s others to play with :)

      • I’m quite intrigued as to see just how “ninja” Zer0 is – I’ll be sorely missing my Bloodwing though!

    • Solo run will prolly be with the gunzerker (Akimbo rocket launchers! :P) or soldier.

      Co-op character I’m leaning towards a support character. Either full healing specced psi-woman-thing (Maya?) or a sniper specced Zer0

      Again, I opted for PC so anyone who cares to add me, My steam ID is Nocure_aMp, I wont just steal all the good loot! :P

  3. nice one, I think I might just get this.

  4. Looking forward to playing the first one later.
    BullyMongs? Bit of an…..odd name.

  5. Looks great. Quite a few nods to the intro to the first game, I liked it.

  6. Such a class song during the intro. Wonder what it is? Google…i call upon you my friend.

    • If you we’re still wondering what the song is, it’s called Short Change Hero by The Heavy. Class song!!

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