Starhawk Update Adds Three New Game Modes

Been watching Harry Potter, have we?

The latest patch for Starhawk, version 1.4, adds three new multiplayer modes for free.

The Gatekeeper mode plays rather like a Starhawk version of Quidditch with players collecting a golden Snitch ball and flying through rings to increase its score value. Flying through the goal ring awards your team the points.

Territory finds the teams fighting over areas on the map, once they have been captured they cannot be re-taken forcing the defending team to fall back and build new defences.

The final mode, Arena Dathmatch, has limited vehicles and randomly dropped buildings on a smaller map which encourages fast and frantic battles.

Source: YouTube


  1. you said snitch, ^_^

    seriously though, that mode actually sounds fun.

  2. Sounds good, the territory mode is obviously a spin on zones which works excellently with the build & battle gameplay.

    Price is good too.

  3. That sounds refreshingly different for a shooter.

    Gotta love an extra bit of variety thrown into a game.

    Must buy this at some point, slipped away from me due to exams, the Euros and the Vita stealing all my gametime.

  4. I still have to buy Starhawk which is sad… sad…

    • I still need to buy it as well.

  5. For me unfortunately its too late. I’ve left this in the bin pile after the ridiculous time it took to update the game from its many balance issues. The game modes above actually look really good, especially Gatekeeper and Territory, and for free its a bargain for those still playing.

    I might dip in to see what the fuss is about, but after not playing it for months, I’ll be terrible.

  6. That is not at all like Quidditch…

    Sounds good though, I really need to pick up Starhawk since I haven’t yet. I really enjoyed the beta.

  7. These look VERY well suited to make the most out of the Starhawk mechanics, I’m guessing we’ll get this update live any moment now as 1.4 went to Sony QA 2-3 weeks ago. Can’t blooming wait :D

    @Bilbo – you are far from alone in getting frustrated with the slow updates after release, but the game balance is very good now. You CAN change tactics on spawn now, like you could in Warhawk, e.g. if Hawks are getting mashed, go stealth or go bruiser, grab a proxy mine etc. You won’t be that bad, it’s like riding a bike ;)

    • esp. if you actually ride the hoverbike.

      I sound a bit too optimistic above – it is a frustrating game for n00bs and if a game is full of twats, but a good result in a good game more than makes up for it.

      • When you have a good game, it really is great

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