Kingdom Hearts 1.5 HD Announced For PS3

Square Enix have announced a double pack of shiny HD Kingdom Hearts remakes for PlayStation 3.

The original Kingdom Hearts is first in line as ‘KH Final Mix HD’ and will feature spiffy HD graphics and trophies. Next up is ‘Kingdom Hearts: Chain of Memories’ which was originally released on PS2 and will also be HD’d and gain trophy support.


Finally, Square Enix will be packing all the cut scenes from Kingdom Hearts 358/2 Days into a ‘movie mode’. Japan is set to get the games in 2013, hopefully we will have news of a western release soon.

Source: Square Enix / NeoGaf



  1. Actually a HD remake I have been waiting for. Never got to play the originals and was envious of friends who did.

    • I second that.

      The original Kingdom Hearts was the first game I ever followed/researched before it launched. I doubt I’ll savour it quite as much this time around, but there’s a strong nostalgic value in there for me.

    • I never played these game either, the only KH game i’ve played was the recent 3ds one.

  2. Got it for PS2 while ago… need to play it more.

  3. Fantastic news, I’ve always wanted to play Chain of Memories! :) But I can’t help but think…why stop there? Why’s KH2 not part of the package?

    Getting this regardless :D

  4. No KH 2? :(

    • But I guess if this sells well we will get a second HD collection with KH2 and KH birth by sleep.

      • This is only the first there will be more.

  5. So is there anything chronologically missing for the full experience? Are these the main games?

    • Birth by Sleep on the PSP was a prequel to all of these, but I’m not sure how important that was to the story. The only other ‘main’ game is KH2 but that takes place after all of these :)

  6. I wait for the UK release, Used to love kingdom hearts.

    Will give me lots of fun to play through again and get all those keyblades :)

  7. Yes!

  8. Wish it was on the vita but this is still good, my favorite game on Ps2 by far will definitely try to Patinum this.

  9. As it stands now I think it is a stupid move for Sony not to push to get this on the Vita. The system needs a good kick start and nothing would be better than the KH HD remakes. I know for me I own a PS Vita but not a PS3, and with the next generations consoles coming out soon even though I want KH 1.5, that isnt enough for me to drop even money on a used PS3 to buy and play KH. However with the Vita being new and more games coming out in its 10 or more year shelf life using KH would be a great way to pickup the sales the system has been lacking. I know for a fact if KH 1.5 came to the Vita it would be a pre-order and day one pickup for a large number of people, including me even though I have a working PS2 and KH 1-2, since I love the game that much. Not to mention bundling the Vita with KH would be a great way to pickup the Vita sales which close to a year later is still looking shitty.

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