Sony To Contact Those Affected By Broken LBP Vita Downloads

Sony have finally made an official blog post about the broken LittleBigPlanet PS Vita downloads, which they say only affected a “small number of people” but as far as we’re aware it was actually everybody that tried. At least that was our impression.

“This was due to a problem with the original game file that had been uploaded to the store,” said SCEE’s Nick Caplin today. “The glitch was fixed as soon as we learnt about it and we’d like to confirm that LBP PS Vita is now available for download.”


Over the last day or two, those downloading the game were left with a broken file that wouldn’t start and a wallet thirty quid lighter, as we reported back on Wednesday.

Sony are trying to get people refunded, at which point they can try the download again. “The plan is that those affected will be refunded and then they’ll be able to re-download it,” said Caplin in the comments. “We’re working on getting the refund to those affected ASAP.”

If you bought the game and it didn’t work, expect an email “later today”.

The download’s perfectly fine now, and of course the game runs just peachy off a cart. We scored the game, which is rather brilliant, a solid 8/10 in our review a little while back.



  1. I think this site should have one of those ‘Days since’ counters for ‘SCEE cock-ups’.

    • yeah, and you’d only need seven images, because they screw up at least once a week.

  2. I’m sure it’s all very technical and tricky, but why can’t people just re-download the version they purchased? Wouldn’t just doing a blanket fix to that be a lot simpler and more efficient?

    I don’t understand.

    • Different file entirely, so (presumably) a different checksum / ID or whatever the Store uses to see whether you’ve bought something before.

    • There’s two time frames, up til 10:55pm on Wednesday was the truly borked version (which I have), after that it was replaced with a version without the Network pass (which now works with the free Network Pass on store). Some folks bought twice in the confusion, as the original version was replaced and you could press ‘Buy Me’ on the replacement, and ended up spending £60. I guess thats why they’re refunding all.

      I wish they’d do a blanket fix though.

  3. “The plan is that those affected will be refunded and then they’ll be able to re-download it.”

    Am I reading this wrong or does this mean that those affected will be getting the game for free? They’ll be refunded and then will be able to re-download.

    Or should it be taken as they’ll be refunded and then they’ll be able to re-purchase?

    • The latter.

    • it’s more likely they can’t actually replace the broken version, for whatever ludicrous reason, and there’ll simply be a new version put up as a separate item, that will have to be bought again.

      they couldn’t replace the broken versions of those minis from last christmas, but that wasn’t considered a high enough priority for them to put new versions up.

      and of course if they do hand out the refunds in a timely manner, which i just can’t see happening, the people that paid twice will likely only get the money refunded to their psn wallet.
      which is still gonna piss off a lot of people.

      nice to see jawad’s in hiding on the blog too.
      though there was a post from the head of communication at scee, surely the easiest job in the world, about LBP.

      and in a wonderful display of tact, he also turned it into an ad for the game.
      oh and he neglected to offer any kind of apology, not that it would have been accepted, but to not even think they have to offer one.

      pretty much says it all about scee doesn’t it.

      • i just wanted to add, that even if i wanted to i’d never be able to rebuy the minis i had originally in the pick and mix because they’re already classed as bought, but as i got the refund i can’t redownload them.

        so they’re on my download list, but won’t download.

        i really hope they get new people to run the store for the ps4, because if they get this shwoer back, well, my primary ps4 account might have to be american.
        if i even get one.
        i’m almost hoping the ps4 is a pile of crap so i won’t be tempted to buy one and be forced to put up withe another five+ years of crap from scee.

      • seriously, on the post where he’s talking about the broken Vita LBP he posts this.

        “If you haven’t downloaded LBP PS Vita yet, here’s a taste of what you are missing: the most critically acclaimed PS Vita game to date.”

        then there’s a video.

        who would even think that’s a good idea?

        “here’s a taste of what you are missing”, to a bunch of people who’ve bought the game but it was broken and so can’t play it.

        tact thy name is not nick caplan

      • And the TTT award for longest SCEE-rant ever goes to…

      • *TSA rant. Mind on a different website! Joke’s ruined now as well, dammit!

      • and proud of it. ^_^

        plus, i hope to retain my title next year.

  4. My LBP been working fine since Wednesday unlucky people

  5. I look forward to the e-mail.

    Can’t wait to get back to LBP- the beta was great.

  6. I’m so jealous of you people with lbp on the vita.You lucky [email protected]’s. 8) I’m like Cartman standing outside the store for the Nintendo wii “come on….come on”.

  7. I bought it Wednesday night and contacted Sony Thursday. Having heard nothing back from them, I phoned this afternoon to be told that all affected would receive a full refund which would be credit to our psn wallets. Until the credits are processed, we cannot repurchase as the store shows that we already own it. There is no compensation and we have to buy it again if we want it. Sony will only process a bulk credit so there is no point in individuals demanding an instant refund! Timescale unknown for processing :-(

  8. Didn’t get the email, but LBP has been refunded and then promptly bought again by me.

    Hopefully this time it works.

  9. I bought mine at retail friday and played a bit but when i started it up again saturday i got an error code that looked very similar to the one for the broken downloads… panic-stricken, i didn’t note the actual code but restarted the game and thankfully all was ok the second time… phew..

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