Black Ops II To Have Texture Install Option On PS3

Black Ops II Game Director David Vonderhaar has created a post in the official Call Of Duty forums detailing a new ‘texture install’ option for the PlayStation 3 version of the game.

Installing the textures to your hard drive will not give you any performance gains and will take a ‘non-trivial’ amount of disk space – so what is the point of all this?


Well, apparently some people play COD so much “it puts constant stress on the Blu-ray drive and wears them out.”

Source: COD Forums.



  1. The problem is those people, lol

  2. But textures are supposed to be part of the game regardless of how often it is played. If someone is going to play COD 24/7, then they kinda deserve to wreck their bluray drive as the PS3 is not designed to handle that much use. And if you play a game to the point that you wear out the disc, then you may want to take a look at how many hours you spend per day playing the game.

    • “If someone is going to play COD 24/7, then they kinda deserve to wreck their bluray drive as the PS3”


      • I didn’t mean to single out COD. If someone is going to play a game 24/7, then they deserve what happens to their bluray drive or DVD drive. As both consoles are not meant for that much use. :) If i played Dark Souls 24/7 and my PS3 broke, i would blame myself for it.

    • lol….

  3. I don’t get it a lot of people play certain games a lot but don’t need texture install? Is this their excuse when the game sucks on ps3

  4. Thank god! I only play very occassionally, yet I’ve had two PS3s both die after or during playing CoD. This means I can actually safely buy BO2 now :D

  5. Lots of PS3 games install textures to the HD. The Blu-Ray drive isn’t really quick enough to stream them on the fly. Why do you think most PS3 games have a mandatory install of a few GB for the first time you play them?

  6. I’ve noticed my blu-ray going beserk when playing COD, its the only game where it makes loud noises. As much as people are taking the piss, I personally think its a good thing for those who play it.

    • I totally agree, Blops made loads of noise so this must be a good thing.
      Perhaps Blops 2 could have a Decent Sound Install too though!

  7. Well if u wanna get all the trophies on MGS4 or many other games any time soon, then there may be a lot of blu-ray drives on the blink.

  8. Long overdue, but I still won’t buy it.

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