Walking Dead Disc Release Date Announced

Telltale Games has announced the North American release date for the disc version of The Walking Dead game’s first series as December 4th.

The announcement came in response to a fan inquiry via Twitter.


As the tweet mentions, a European release date is yet to be confirmed for the series. Release dates for Episode 4, ‘Around Every Corner’, and Episode 5, ‘No Time Left’, are yet to be confirmed.

Source: Twitter 



  1. Oh yes – I’ll be all over this when it eventually releases in EU. :)

    Just a good job i can actualyl now get a boxed version & not have to wait for the store version… As that may never arrive!

  2. What was the price of the disc version of BTTF does anybody know? Just so i can gauge what price it’ll be.

    • Mine was £15 new. I have seen it as high as £20, but that’s about it.

      • 15 quid sounds about right,i was expecting it to be along the lines of hd remake prices 25 quid.Nice one bud.
        I’ve only bought the first episode on Walking dead so i’ll get this myself.It’ll save me being disappointed if other episodes get delayed.

      • IF? o_O

  3. Been waiting for this one. Be a good title to play over Christmas.

  4. good, i’ll definitely look into picking that up, it means i won’t be subject to the failures of scee or the lack of punctuality of TT.

    when i finish an episode, i won’t be left hanging for who knows how long for the next one.

    i really liked the demo of the first one so i was always hoping for a disc version.

  5. :) awesome news. Loved the demo but was put off by the insanely slow turn around of each episode. Much prefer get a ~£20 disk-based copy from Amazon and then play it through from start to finish.

  6. Awesome game, really enjoyed it so far in a very different sort of way. almost interactive movie.

  7. Great news! I’m so glad I didn’t bother getting this on the store.

  8. prepare for a 3 week delay before you can play episode 3, just to get that “sony” experience :)

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