Need For Speed Most Wanted ‘Get Wanted’ Trailer

EA have released a new trailer for Need For Speed: Most Wanted, a game that will let you ‘experience the epic, high energy, vast open-world of Fairhaven where the possibilities of adventure are endless.’

The game is being created by Criterion so it will be a day one purchase for many and this trailer is bound to add a few more pre-orders, it’s very exciting and has Dizzee Rascal rapping.

‘Some people pay for thrills, but I get mine for free,’ he chants whilst ‘It makes you want to break the law’ flashes up on screen. Obviously this is a subliminal message from EA encouraging you to shoplift a copy of the game.

Oh hang on… Pete is screaming from the back of the office… apparently there is no subliminal message in the trailer, none whatsoever, EA does not encourage shoplifting…

Source: YouTube


  1. Really looking forward to this game. Might have bought it on the Vita but i think this beauty will have to be on the ps3 for the big screen!!

    • Yeah about the Vita version.. stay tuned.

  2. Personally not that bothered about this. For me the NFS series starting going downhill when the original Most Wanted was released. I just want another Underground game or a HD remake of Underground 2. Underground 2 was the best NFS game.

    • Yup, underground 2 was the pinnacle and a HD remake would be a day one’er. ;)
      This new Most Wanted should be a step up from the recent NFS series with Criterion at the helm and already Burnout-esque style online gameplay hinted at through some of the video clips. I reckon that it’s going to be up there!!

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