NFS: Most Wanted PS Vita Version Delayed

Over to EA in Poland for a quick update on the PS Vita version of Need For Speed: Most Wanted:

“Prime Minister releases the PC, PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360 is scheduled for 31 October., Edition dedicated to the holders of the PlayStation Vista debut on the market in the spring of 2013, the”

I think Google Translate is having a few problems but you can get the general gist of the text: the PS Vita version of the game has been delayed.

Retailers are still listing the title for release this year so perhaps EA has made a mistake, but that’s unlikely.

Thanks to Joe for the heads up, now if you will excuse me I need to get back to Paul Hollywood and his creamy buns (Great British Bake Off!)

Source: EA


  1. Can’t say I like this, but it makes things a bit easier. With NFS: Most Wanted, ACIII and ACIII: Liberation in the same week, this makes it slightly easier to decide what to play first.

  2. 2013? -_-

  3. Noooo. So that means 0% chance that EA would make it cross-buy as they were rumoured to consider.

    Then again it’s EA, so they probably would have never done it regardless…

    • Heard in an EA board room meeting.
      A: So people want cross-buy, how can we avoid that?
      B: Why don’t we just delay the Vita version?
      A: You’re a genious!

  4. I walked past their office last week on my hols! Nice city is Warsaw, good sights, fking nippy public transport and some good cheap drinking to be done.

  5. Nnnoooo!!!

    The game I’m looking forward to most this year (and it’s the Vita version I want, much more than the PS3).

  6. PlayStation Vista?

    • That’s what the Vita is called in some European countries…

  7. Too many games anyway it means Vita gets 1 game next year along with maybe another :D

    But seriously I thought criterion was doing this hand in hand or is it another handed out port?

    • Thought so too, but regardless, it runs very nearly the exact same as the PS3 version (slightly less graphical detail and less players in an online race are the only differences apparently) and has been seen to do so I’m not worried either way.

  8. I dont think it will ever be crosspay as the vita version is not crossplay which on a game like burnout2 is essential. Stupid really as this makes it a no sale for me. Not going to get it 4 the vita if i cant play online with ps3 buddies

  9. According to a friend, the Polish text translates to:

    “Release for PC, PS3, Xbox 360 is scheduled on 31 October this year. Special edition for PlayStation Vita owners will be available on market Spring 2013.”

  10. Special Edition eh – maybe to offset the wait Vita gets any DLC?

    Would be good.

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