Rumour: Spark Unlimited Working On New Onimusha Game

The latest issue of PSM3 magazine has a wicked whisper regarding developers Spark Unlimited.

They are currently busy with Lost Planet 3 but according to PSM3 magazine the studio has been asked to ‘work on an adventure series reboot’.

The publication suggests this may be a new Onimusha game but have no evidence to back this up.

The series is Capcom’s 6th biggest franchise with over 7.9 million games sold to date, the last being Onimusha: Dawn of Dreams in 2006.

Of course PSM3 may be incorrect with their guess – alternate Capcom franchises that may be resurrected include Ghosts ‘n Goblins and Strider.

Source: PSM3 magazine, spotted by TheSilentChief


  1. Personally, I want to see a new Rival Schools.

    • One hundred percent yes! A new Onimusha wouldn’t be too bad either though…

  2. the last one featured Jean Reno didn’t it?
    where the hero of the earlier games traveled forwards in time to modern day Paris, for some reason.

    i’d love to see a new strider game, just imagine a fully 3d strider game.

    it could be awesome or it could be god awful.

    • That was 3, there was a 4 but i never played it.

  3. 4th game*

  4. I wouldn’t mind a bit of Onimusha, was actually a bit surprised it hadn’t appeared yet this gen.

  5. Would be kind of disappointing but we’re yet to see if Spark can make a decent game however with Operation Raccoon City I don’t why Capcom ever bother giving franchises to devs known to make poor games..

  6. Loved the Onimusha franchise, could well do with an HD version!

  7. I spent an entire afternoon last week looking for signs of a new Onimusha!
    This is great news, I’ll be looking forward to kicking yoma bottom with Jubei : )

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