Splinter Cell: Blacklist Trailer

This will be the 405th trailer I have posted on TSA. Four hundred and five entertaining (ish) introductions.

It’s like working on a never ending soap opera, trying to write something new each time rather than “Here’s a new video for that game you may like, why not watch it?” 


This week, Ubisoft has released a video of Splinter Cell: Blacklist, what will happen when Janine spots her underwear in the film?

She accidentally left her knickers in shot after boffing Basil on the bar of the Queen Vic and now the video is in the public domain! Will her current beau, Dodgy Dave the Wheeler Dealer, find out about her infidelity?

Stay tuned for the climatic finale when the Launderette gets firebombed by Tom Clancy because his name has been relegated to tiny text on the packshots.


Here’s a new video for that game you may like, why not watch it?

Source: YouTube



  1. I can understand that they wanted someone to replace Michael Ironside as the voice of Sam Fisher, because they wanted to do simultanous mo-cap/sound recording.
    What I can’t understand is why they picked someone who says everything in the same tone, without any emotion whatsoever.

  2. Is there an ETA on this? Looks super good.

  3. Previously on 24………I mean Spinter Cell

  4. Looking good, glad it’s not staying 360-exclusive this time.

    • Oh, it’s not? I still haven’t touched my SC HD triology…

  5. It looks good but i thought Splinter Cell was a stealth game not a go in guns blazing and America FTW game? Plus, the voice actor needs to display some emotion instead of doing all of Fisher’s lines in the same tone as if he can’t be arsed to put any effort in. In fact, it reminds me of Steven Segal. :O

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