Mass Effect Coming To PS3

Mass Effect, the first one, will finally appear on the PlayStation 3.

A compilation, dubbed the Mass Effect Trilogy, will include all three “award-winning” Mass Effect games in one box.


It’ll be available on November 6th this year, for whatever $60 translates to in local money, on PC and Xbox 360, with the PS3 version to follow.

“Coinciding with the launch of Mass Effect Trilogy,” says the PR, “BioWare will kick off the first annual “N7 Day,” a worldwide celebration of the Mass Effect franchise on November 7, 2012.”

The ability to download the first game for PS3 in digital format has also been confirmed.



  1. Oooooooo nice, might put off getting back into ME2 and wait for this.

  2. Shocked! I thought microsoft had the rights or something like that?

    • Yeah, I know Bioware own ME as a whole, but I thought the money put up by MS for the publishing deal meant they owned ME1.

      • Perhaps by doing them in a trilogy set they have avoided the license to ME1?

      • But the game will be separate on PSN still?

      • Unless like most things MS publishing rights weren’t indefinite.

  3. Would of been nice during the summer when I had a lot more free time.

  4. I hope they do ME1 kind of stand alone. I have played ME2 and ME3 through to the end and have made my choices. I always wanted to play ME1 and i am thrilled at this opportunity, but i don’t have any inclination to then play 2 and 3 again based on what i do in ME1. I hope the digital pricing isn’t stupid!

    I guess MS are getting something by getting the trilogy first, with the PS3 version to follow i bet they have some timed exclusive or something like that.

    • It is stand alone digitally, and I guess you mean boxed but yeah would be nice for a collection if it was.

    • I dont think you need to worry about the actions you choose, you might want to play them into ME2, but inevitably you still have a different coloured ending in ME3 lol. ME1 is amazing imo and makes you want to play ME2 (with miranda! YAY :P) and ME2 does an amazing job at making you want to play ME3!

      Im just bitter because I never wanted the series to end, so no ending was going to be acceptable in my eyes!

  5. Nice that they are bringing it over to PS3 but having made my choices in the comic intro in ME2 (of which I can’t even remember what I picked) I’m not sure I’ll play this.

    Unless they have some wonderful way of importing your Shepard and the game knowing the choices you made in the comic.

    I guess that’s just like playing it through it without the choice so maybe not :o/

  6. LoL:D I remember saying on that FULL-OF-SH*T site once(years ago) that ‘Mass Effect 1’ & the next ME games will come to the PS3 one day & i got millions of ‘disagrees’ :D I was right…again;)

  7. Hmmmm….. don’t want to be negative. But I am very annoyed to hear “It’ll never happen” when we heard about Mass Effect for PS3 which was Never, same applies to Crysis until it finally hit PSN (At a very good price)
    As much as I love Mass Effect I wouldn’t mind getting it but there’s so many games and so little time.
    It is indeed great news for PS3 too. I feel bad if somebody tried out ME2 for the 1st time and got hooked and bought the First one on either PC or Xbox 360 (Perhaps the console too)
    Now I am going to have to think about this and hopefully it is cheap on PSN but I fear the file size!

    • If you haven’t played it before, I’d recommend it. If not, the platinum takes a lot of playthroughs to get, so I don’t think it’d be worth it on that account. That said I’m gunning it down. Yeah.

      • I got the 900/1000 achievement on it years ago. Took me 3 Playthroughs (The Insane Difficulty somehow glitched as it did not awarded the achievement when completing!)

  8. Sooooo pumped about this news. I’m not sure about going through all three again, but I WILL play the first one enough times to get that platinum – and that requires a few plays.. I want it nao!!

  9. Awesome, i’ll grab the first game day one! Is there expansion dlc for the first game? i wonder if like with ME2 that will be included day one. Can’t wait!

    • Also i wonder if it’s a straight port of the original or if it’s running on their newer game engine?

  10. Finally a good excuse to get into this franchise!

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