Starbreeze’s New Game Is Brothers – A Tale of Two Sons [Video]

The trailer doesn’t give a huge amount away, but this is the project formerly known as P13 from Starbreeze, the guys behind The Chronicles Of Riddick and the first The Darkness.

Entitled Brothers – A Tale of Two Sons, tells the tale of the two eponymous sons who go on a journey to find the “Water Of Life” for their poorly father, according to Joystiq.

Filmmaker Josef Fares is involved, and 505 Games are publishing. It’ll be out next year on digital formats for PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360, and uses the Unreal Engine.


  1. There’s teasing information…. then there’s giving almost nothing away and leaving the viewer more perplexed than intrigued. :-)

  2. looks like co-op might be a big theme of the game.
    could be interesting, make me think of the old Megadrive Mickey Mouse and Donald Duck game.
    that had some great co-op.

    there aren’t enough games with co-op like that.

  3. Josef Fares? That’s the guy who made the hilarious police-comedy Kopps!

    They have my interest.

  4. Looks nice. If it features coop I’m probably in.

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