TSA at EGX Video Diary: Day 0



  1. AG is so quiet!

    • Never trust the quiet ones.

    • I remember that I was struggling to stay awake and I remember a lot of rambling from the guys as they tried to think of things to say before there was actually anything to say!

  2. What was with your wandering arms Kris, you remind me of this.

  3. Adam, if there’s a playable version of Blops2: Zombies then its on you to tackle that wild beast and give us feedback ; )

    • I want the old days back.

      • I can’t remember much, I was mostly rat arsed throughout…..how I miss the old days!

    • There was Black Ops 2 (which I played on the war table ooo err! http://i50.tinypic.com/2ntz3go.jpg ) but no Zombies unfortunately :(. Hopefully it’s as fun as Black Ops Zombies was so we can get some games going again!

      • That looks very serious, lots of serious looking faces….
        Can’t wait for Zombie foursomes, and staff should definitely be allowed to participate ; )

      • Yeah there was live commentary of the gameplay being broadcasted and apparently some of the people playing we’re Call of Duty youtubers so I got plastered, especially as it was with an Xbox 360 controller!

      • I take it the lad with the bottle of water won by the looks of it?
        Should’ve been the new Vs Zombies mode, that woulda shown em ; )

  4. I think Adam is skinner then i am. :O And i’m a skinny git! Peter, Kris, if you pass any chocolate shops, you may want to drag mister two many numbers and wears a pink cowgirl hat away to avoid being late to EGX. ;)

    I suspect Mini Lipscombe will get TSA banned due to him being our loveable resident racist. :p If he is going that is. I watched the video a few hours ago so can’t remeber everything.

    Is it me or does Peter look like Ricky Gervais only less fat? I wonder how many wet mangos Tuffcub will get the TSA staff to eat?

  5. Looking forward to the live podcast…. is it tonight?

  6. That was just 10mins of random, i liked it :P

  7. Streaming the podcast tonight, it’s linked to our twitter so a notification should tweet out!
    I think I can stream from my iPhone too so might do something from the show floor this afternoon!

    • Will it work on iOS? uStream I mean or whatever you’re using?

      • you need the app, I think, but yes.

      • It worked on both, in fact the app was shite. The proper site was much better.

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