Gran Turismo Shown Running At 4K Resolution

[drop2]Gran Turismo has been shown running at a hugely impressive (and rather next-gen, some might say) 4K resolution, considerably higher than current 1080p TV sets can even dream about. If they could dream.

The demo, which is running from today throughout October, is part of a “DRAMATIC 4K EXPERIENCE” using Bravia TV sets running at the new resolution standard.

Predictably, it’s the Eiger North Face track being demoed (as it was when the PS3 first came out to demonstrate 1080p) and the exhibition, if you’re local to Sony’s Ginza building in Tokyo, is well worth checking out: it’s free.



  1. With 4 linked PS3s providing the graphics…
    Isn’t this the same demo they ran at a show a few years back?

    • Yeah, although the 4K Bravias upscale, so could be just 1 PS3.

      • The Japanese says it uses 4, doesn’t it? One per quarter.

      • Yeah, the source article says it’s using 4 PS3s to generate the 4K picture, so not upscaled.

      • Key word being “could”.
        Any other game demoed, I’d expect just upscale, but with the Japanese/PD, I’d expect the 4 PS3’s.

  2. Is this new 4k GT content or just upscaling.

    How much would the internals required to run 2160p60 cost, if it is a focul point of the next-gen to come in on a console budget would be astonishing.

    • Most likely upscaling, the TV does it well.

    • Yeah it’s not upscaled, it’s 4 PS3’s producing the output.

  3. Can’t beat playing simul-view on an 84″ 4KTV. I would say racing, but I was mainly drifting.

  4. I want to buy a New SONY HD 1080p TV soon(46″ of erm FUN) :D But maybe i should wait for a 4K TV then??? Hmm, Next year it will cost me £10,000 for the TV + £1,000 for the PS4 then…LoL:D

    • Bargain!

    • 4K resolution is for home cinemas, not your average living room.

  5. I really do not care for 4k TVs, it has to be a minimum of 77″ for the human eye to notice a difference at normal viewing distance (about 3m). The PS4 should be optimized for 1080p, no more, no less.

    • People say that at every resolution increase, and yet here we stand.

      Enough people see a difference I suppose.

      • I suppose at 2m distance you could see a difference on 46″+, but contrast levels and colour reproduction make a bigger difference in experienced resolution. This is developers way of selling new tech, and that is why we are where we are, they want to sell, and consumers want to buy. The bump to HD was needed with LCD TVs as CRT wasn’t good for large screensizes and SD doesn’t look good on LCD screens. The difference between 720p and 1080p is rather small on, say a 40″ screen, the difference between 1080p and 4k (yet to receive a standardised resolution I belive) is going to be much smaller. On normal size screens, 37″ – 55″, it’s more of a placebo effect. And wow, this comment got a lot longer than planned.

      • “Enough people see a difference I suppose.”

        Except here, you can’t. It’s about screen size, room space… and biology.

        4K is the next 3D-style marketing hype.

    • Agree about the 1080p optimisation but no harm in wanging out XMB/menus/text/etc at a higher rez if it doesn’t compromise the 1080p stuff. Always nice to see. Especially if it supported playback at that rez for 4K Blu-ray type stuff.

    • Retina screens say hi.

      Increased DPI is becoming very popular.

      • You don’t hold your mobile device at a few meters distance, do you? You’d have to be an eagle on acid to see the pixels.

      • Thing is, it’s all about perception of the pixels at a particular distance. We’re already seeing 1080p as a redundant resolution sub 40″ screens (give or take a pinch) so 4K will have to be something seriously huge which is how the screens are going.

        Not sure I want a screen the size of a wall but, you know what, it might be something that feels absolutely right the moment we see affordable options.

    • Ever since seeing the iPhone 4’s retina display, I’ve decided not to go against the grain when it comes to increasing resolutions. Almost convinced me to upgrade from my 1st gen iPod Touch… but it’s lasted so damn long, it’d feel like a betrayal at this point.

      I’ve never really gotten the negativity towards new TV technologies, it’s not like you’re expected to go out and buy the latest TV because you’re so excited about all of those extra pixels.

      At some point these technologies become standard, much like 3D has (which has allowed for cheap 120hz screens, a rare thing since the death of the CRT). Then one day, your TV will break but you’ll get these new features, for the same price you would have paid if these features had never existed, because midrange TVs aways cost about the same. Though with 4K as standard, if you just want a 2D 1080p, it’ll be cheap as all hell.

      • Eventually the jump must be made, but we’re not even fully utilizing our 1080p TVs, as an HDTV broadcast is 720p. And a lot of people still stick to DVDs….

    • Sony’s 84″ 4K tv has ~50ppi, slightly less than my 40″ FHD, and 6 times less than my Xperia S. I get that at a certain distance you’re not going to see a single white pixel on a 4K screen, but you’re not looking for defining pixels, you’re looking at a defining image.

      • That feels like very strange logic. The very thing they’re trying to do is recreate something “real” with images. These images are made up of pixels so we need enough to create enough definition for the eye not to pick up on the individual dot/pixel pitch itself. With that in mind (and the viewable distance) it makes sense for them to have as high a PPI as possible. If it’s around the same as a 1080p 40″ screen then they’re onto a good thing, surely.

        Then again, people might not want to go above 70″ (a figure I’ve arbitrarily pulled from my copious posterior) which would have a very decent PPI for a 4K screen.

        Then again, do 4K screens have colour gamut and refresh absolutely nailed? If so, then resolution is truly the last hurdle (for a perfect two dimensional image). Until we see holographic projectors I’ll leave 3D out of this for now.

  6. Oh no, my set-up is obsolete, see community chronicles from 22 of juli.

  7. If they could go the other way and get Gran Turismo running on my Vita, that would be awesome. Thanks.

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