The Walking Dead Season 2 Confirmed

TellTale have previously said that they had plans for a second series of the hit game based on The Walking Dead and according to the BBC the next season has now been confirmed.

In an interview with actress Nicki Rap (who plays a character in the game) the BBC state ‘The Walking Dead has just been commissioned for a second series.’


The BBC have also interviewed Michael Mando who plays Vaas in Far Cry 3. The actor says he was “going through a very difficult emotional thing with a girl” at the time of the Far Cry 3 audition.

“I read the monologue. I thought it was really good, but the character I was going in for had nothing to do with me, so I decided to go in and give them something very different,” he said. “I improvised a lot… [and] they decided to create a character based on the audition that I had done.”

Remember that when you get to play Far Cry 3 and Vaas is pointing a gun at your head: he is not angry, he has women troubles.

Source: BBC News



  1. Seemingly this is a good thing judging by the accounts of those who’ve played the game? I’m looking forward to buying season one on disc around Christmas.

  2. Given the fiasco with season 1 being released episodically, and the now expected disc release, I should think they will have a significant drop in digital sales of the sequel (myself included) with people prefering to wait for the inevitable disc release. It is good news though as it’s a great game!

  3. I wonder if they will put in an option to invert the right stick this time. How such a simple thing has not been done in the first game amazes me. Its the only reason I am yet to purchase. I enjoyed the demo, but some of the quick time events where you have to put the cursor over the target quickly were impossible for me without inverted aim.

  4. Great news that they’re doing a season 2. I defo would still get the digital downloads. I look forward to them like I would a tv show. They really fit my available gaming time at the mo too.

  5. Awesome. Would have snapped up the entire first season, but I’m holding out for the disc-based release.

  6. One of the GOTY in my opinion. Superb story-telling and heart-wrenching involvement. They’ve set the bar high for their own second series.

  7. I have loved this game, but in fits and spurts (ooh er Mrs). I won’t be buying the season pass again (for anything probably) as it has made the experience disjointed and inevitably watered-down. Like those above I will be sitting on my thumbs waiting for the entire game in one hit.

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