TSA F1 Championship 2012

When organising competitions on TSA one thing is always obvious; TSA members love their racing games. One racing game in particular that’s really popular on TSA is the Formula One series which is why we’re setting up a TSA F1 Championship 2012.

In previous years we have set up multiple groups right away, each racing on one day per week. This year is slightly different, and were starting with just one group of 16 and room to expand to accommodate demand. The first group will be on Sundays at 5pm for the 5 week duration, starting on the 14th of October and earning points depending on what position they finish in. If there are enough people submitting entries to warrant it, then we’ll open up a second group which will race on Mondays at 7pm, and the 5th and final week will then become a much grander finale.

We’re deliberately going for a more rigid and compact Championship this year, after previous attempts were rather unwieldy for us to keep a handle on. However, with just 5 weeks of racing that doesn’t leave us with many tracks to cover, so we’re mixing it up with the weekly formula in order to help with that.

For weeks one and three we will have two 5 lap races worth half points, each preceded by a “one shot” qualifying session, whilst weeks two, four and five will feature a 25% race and a full 15 minute qualifying session. We’ve gone after this set up to give you a few more tracks to visit and also add a better shot of taking points if you’re involved in an early racing incident, but we’d love to hear your feedback on this format in the comments. Tell us things like which tracks you’d like to see, or quite plainly that we’re doing this all wrong!

For the racing itself, both groups will have a community team member who will set up the lobby and be in charge of that group. If a racing incident occurs (like a crash or repeated unfair overtakes) and one of the drivers thinks it was deliberate or unfair then they should discretely bring it up after the race with the community team member in charge. The two CT members will be Teflon and JamboGT, and they will also be racing in the competition, although Teflon wont be eligible to win any prizes! (Unlucky)

Talking of prizes, all we’re announcing right now is that we will be giving away a trophy (an example of one from previous years) to the driver that comes in first place. Rest assured that we have big things planned to announce over the next few days, so keep a look out for more details on what the prize pot will consist of.

The full rules, including which assists will be allowed and the points system in use can be found on the next page. Please read these rules and remember, this championship is competitive but it is still primarily for fun. If you only want to win at all costs and show no regard for the other drivers and therefore don’t race for fun… please don’t enter.

This year we will have video coverage provided by a team you may be familiar with Death_in_Flamez, Chuggy and their friend Liam, so we’re asking if you could choose a preferred team to help when it comes to commentary. During the competition, they’ll also be needing people to upload footage from races in order to put their videos together, the more videos captured the better!

So without much further ado, just fill out the entry form below by 11PM BST on Tuesday 9th October to put yourself in the running!

Entries are now closed, and the Championship is under way.

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  1. Entered! Cannae wait

  2. Dont have the game yet :/ Annoyingly can’t join. I had fun in the last championship…

  3. Get your practice in while you can ;)

    Will be getting my copies in a few days :P

  4. Will quickly see first, I know already I won’t be able to make 1 round on a Sunday so I feel a bit mean taking up someone’s place even though I love F1 racing :)

  5. Looking forward to this as always. Reckon we’ll definitely be having at least 2 groups though! Hopefully I’ll go one better than last year. Interested to see how the video coverage works.

  6. So who wants to be a Williams teammate? :P

    • Think you should join the dark side of Lotus!

      • NEVER!

      • Though I don’t mind Lotus as a team, just could never abandon Team Willy!

        They need a better nickname though…

  7. Hopefully there’ll be enough people entering so that it extends to the Monday 7pm slot that’s been mentioned. I can’t really enter the tournament on a Sunday at that time, for a few reasons.
    But anyway, if I can’t enter the tournament due to a lack of people entering and it not stretching to a Monday gig, I will always be on hand during the week/weekend to practice with you all…..if you’ll have me :P

    • If it does stretch to a Monday evening though, I want the Mclaren as always!

  8. Looking forward to the comp, as always it’ll be fun.
    I’ve sorted the problem with my wheel (at last) so I hope I can do a bit better than last time.

  9. I really enjoyed taking part in the first championship but couldn’t commit to the second one for personal reasons.
    This year I bought F1 2012 on PC because I didn’t want to risk the same framerate issues as F1 2011 on PS3 even though it turned out that 2012 is much better on PS3.
    I don’t suppose there are many others here who play on PC are there?

    • Am getting it on PC as well as PS3 :)

  10. Entered, look out !

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