Crazy Taxi Heading To iPhone

Firstly: Crazy Taxi is great, and that’ll remain true until the very end of time itself. Secondly: Crazy Taxi’s original soundtrack – not the one featured on the PS3 and Xbox 360 re-release – is also great. Dated, perhaps, but it fits the game perfectly.


So, combining the two things about is a recipe for greatness, right? Well, you’ve got to factor in touch and tilt controls – which are normally absolutely fine for racing games, but Crazy Taxi isn’t a racing game by any stretch of the imagination.

Quite how we’ll all manage with the various accelerator/brake and gear shift combos remains to be seen, but either way – the game’s coming “soon” to iOS devices and should hopefully contain that all important Offspring / Bad Religion audio.



  1. Any idea about Android, would be lovely with the SixAxis app :)

  2. i really can’t see that playing well with touch screen or tilt controls.
    it really needs quick responsive controls.

    i spent ages playing this on dreamcast, but i could not see me spending much time with a touchscreen version.

    i know they want to reach a new audience and that, but some games just aren’t suited to these devices.

  3. Not iPad? Is it iPhone 5 ready?

    • If you squint and narrow your eyes slightly, yes!

  4. Nothing like a game designed for one control method and forcing it to fit a different one.

  5. The game is slightly hard to control as is, no way will it work on iOS!

  6. Might as well get it on the new ps store so we can play it on vita looking all fresh

  7. They should patch the PS3 version to include the original OST, the one used for the PSN release is shameful.

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