Dishonored Launch Trailer

Depending on where you are in the world, Dishonored is either out today, or its not. But regardless, we’ve just been sent this brand new launch trailer, and thought it might be worth a quick look for anyone still on the fence.


Not that you should be, our review was pretty positive.



  1. Cannot wait for this one :D Looks amazing AND its a new IP.
    Surely it has GOTY written all over it? – and I mean a proper GOTY award, not a Dead Island one…

    • I think it may get a nomination from me – It was at the back of my mind before eurogamer & after seeing the dev session, my mind was blown & it is now preordered.

      As i mentioned on the review a moment ago, it is only the 2nd title i have ever preordered, which says a lot i think.

  2. I’m going to get it on Saturday as it is something that i will enjoy. Or shout at the telly when i cock up and get discovered. ;) And i suspect it will be the last game i will buy this year.

    Suspect it will take me 20 hours to complete due to me using stealth.

  3. Might pre-order today on Gamersgate… going to be awesome.

  4. I’ve been put off by what some people who’ve played have said, maybe I’ll wait for some reviews and read Digital Foundry’s face-off.

  5. Pre ordered off Green Man Gaming with 25% off downloads I got the Steam key instantly and it’s already pre loaded ready for Friday.

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