Batman: Arkham City Armored Edition Wii U Enhancements Trailer

Rocksteady have released a trailer for the Wii U ‘Armored Edition’ of Batman: Arkham City.


The video shows how the GamePad controller can be used as the Bat computer, scanning and arranging items in the menu. It will also be used to guide Batarangs and pull open hatches.

Batman: Arkham City Armored Edition will be available as a launch title at the end of next month.

Source: YouTube



  1. Do you think this will come with the DLC from the PS3/X360 version included? Could be good, if so…

    • Pretty sure it has all the previous DLC included…

  2. Armored Edition seems abit of a funny title for it, why not the batcave edition or something with more of a batman tone to it

    • Marketing buzzwords! Limits the amount they have to think about the title…

  3. I still think that everyone that wanted to play this, probably would have by now.

  4. not for me personally to gimmicky on a fantastic game,

  5. As ‘waggle’ is to motion controls we will soon need a word or phrase for when a game that doesn’t need touchscreen controls gets touchscreen controls shoehorned in just because. “Amored Edition” seems like a good start but I imagine someone will come up with something better.

    • Don’t-have-to-pause-the-game-to-see-the-map Edition?

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