Deadly Premonition: The Directors Cut Arrives On PS3 Next Year

Psychological horror open world game, Deadly Premonition, is to get a Director’s Cut release on PlayStation 3. The game is intended to be a “love letter to fans that supported the game and a great update for new players.”

Improvements include HD graphics, a brand new scenario created by the director, Hidetaka “Swery” Suehiro, and updated controls. DLC will also be available to extend the adventure.


The game has a cult following, not least because it is reminiscent of mind bending TV series Twin Peaks. It also holds a Guinness world record for “Most Critically Polarizing Survival Horror Game” with IGN scoring the game 2/10 and Destructoid rating it 10/10.

Source: EU PS Blog.



  1. Never heard of it – Is it this?;

    Sounds tree-mendous! Ho ho!

    • After reading that link and chuckling all the way through, I can safely say that this game (torture device?) has worked its way on to my want list from nowhere.

      • Funnily enough, i found the exact same thing – It sounds so bad, it’s good. Not in the way of being actually ‘good’ of course, but just hilariously random.

        Tbh, the author of that article should be employed by the company who made the game as a PR man. :)

  2. I got this after reading a few reviews on amazon,so I gave it a go and it turned out to be one big head [email protected]&k.I just couldn’t get into it no matter how many drugs I took. :)

  3. I see that the very thought of DP being rereleased caused Peter to disable the comments. It can’t be that bad, can it? :op

    I do trust IGN more then destructoid mainly because i have read their reviews and yet to read a single destructoid review. Bit of a random choice to rerelease a game that bombed at release although same could be said with ICO HD collection as the two games didn’t sell well. I think. Probably sold enough to not bomb though.

    Will have to investigate(read:watching a few videos on youtube)

    • Haha, I noticed that & tweeted TC – I thought Al had set a precedent where all articles wouldn’t have comments from now on! :)

  4. i’d like to play this, if only to see what all the fuss is about. ^_^

  5. I’ve always wanted it and its on my wishlist as it was released over in Asia under the title of Dead Seeds Profile but if this is getting translated – I’m all over it!

  6. the first game was as mad as a box of fish!
    shitty graphics poor game play nutty story…….
    what let it down was the long drive between clues
    i enjoyed it though!

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