New DayZ Standalone Screenshots Released

The team behind the DayZ project have released new screenshots focusing on building interiors, along with some more information about the game.

The shots show one building in one village, where every building are now places that can be entered. But it doesn’t stop there.


“Our artists have been very busy, methodically going through all buildings in Chernarus and adding interiors. The task can be pretty difficult, when the buildings where made interiors were not considered so it an be a challenge for the artists to make the interiors both look correct and work properly.” wrote Dean ‘Rocket’ Hall, the developer behind the original DayZ mod.

According to the blog post most of the focus by the team has been to add interiors to buildings that are away from the centre, like the homes in villages. Now the team is turning their attention to the centre of the map and adding interiors to the city buildings, as well opportunities where players can find supplies.

DayZ originally began life as a mod for Bohemia Interactive’s Arma II. As the mod’s popularity grew, Bohemia Interactive offered to develop the mod into a full title.

Source: DayZ Tumblr



  1. I’m glad they are trying to make the game more realistic with the addition of interiors to all the buildings. Only thing I’d say they should change is the interiors, as they look too neat and tidy. If there was a zombie apocalypse, most of the tables, chairs and other furniture wouldn’t be nice and neatly placed and there would be other rubbish laying about where looters had chucked stuff (unless they add that in as a feature that the buildings interior is affected when people loot it. That’d be very cool).

  2. I cant believe there has been no coverage on WarZ, Zombie MMO thats been in dev for almost 3 years now, finally got released to the public last night and starts beta at the end of the month. Just like day z only not an unstable mess and with other features. ( Eg you can build walls up out of scrap to keep zombies at bay, and the inventory isnt a horrible mess.)

    • Mostly because it seems lazy. DayZ is/was an unstable mess because it was a mod. WarZ rips off so many things from other games its stupid, they even stole the ToS from LoL.

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