The Secrets Of Journey’s Sound Effects

If you are interested in sound and music in anyway then may we suggest a quick jaunt of over to Gamasutra where Steve Johnson, sound designer on Journey, has revealed a few secrets.

For example the sound of the cloaked figure surfing over stone was created by rubbing an old pair of jeans across a parking lot.


The stone pillars on the snow bound level within the game also have a musical tone. “Their sounds were made by blowing on some bottles, mostly a large champagne bottle – whose contents were consumed, for the good of the game, on Thanksgiving with a girlfriend,” said Johnson.

The wind sound was a ‘modified wind system from Flower’ which was recorded ‘while going too fast on a San Diego freeway’ and a number of the door sounds were ‘made from the same bits I used in God of War III’.

However, sometimes the old ways are the best.

“The misty waterfalls in the last level that look as if they’re turning into snow midair were made from an effected version of me saying ‘ssssssssssss’, says Steve.

Gamasutra has four pages of sound clips and background information, click here to read more.



  1. Sound engineers have lot’s of great tricks, remember a friend of mine a few years ago was short a tambourine for a track he was making – so he shook a matchbox near a mic and added some effects – worked a treat!

  2. I don’t know if TSA ran an article but there’s a book available, entitled ‘The Art of Journey’. Hannypoppie is very kindly getting me this for my birthday from Amazon (in the US). It looks stunning and comes with AR (Augmented Reality) too. Clatter the book name into YouTube to see a lovely video about it.

    I love that sound engineers are still creating things with the human voice too. Why not. It’s the best instrument in the world!

  3. I’ve been watching alot of the behind the scenes material from the LoTR trilogy, and the sound folks there had some neat tricks and imagination aswell. Sounds like a cool job… ged’it?

    • Boom boom! Make some noise for KennyKazey!!!!

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