Microsoft’s Surface Tablet Will Support Xbox 360 Controllers

More Surface news today, as team lead Panos Panay confirms Xbox 360 controllers will work with Microsoft’s new tablet.

Via a Reddit Ask Me Anything, Panay said the wired Xbox 360 pad “works great“, he also added that with a standard USB 2.0 port, millions of devices will be compatible with no issues.


With the Surface Pro tablet coming packed with a full featured Windows 8 operating system, it really could be a viable portable gaming platform, depending on price.

Does the ability to connect a 360 pad increase your interest in the Surface tablet, do features like Smart Glass excite you as a gamer?

For more details on the Surface pricing structure and how it compares to the market juggernaut iPad, click here.



  1. Not by this Surface no, very expensive compared to Nexus7 which does all that stuff anyway. Windows ecosystem will always lag the established ones too.

    Such a shame that Microsoft are allowing customer confusion to perpetuate regarding Surface, an overwhelming number of commenters think that this is a ‘PC tablet’

    Surface Pro early next year with full Windows desktop support though, that’s a whole different ball game. Bring that on!

  2. Are they talking about the Pro? I can’t tell from this statement if the RT version will also support the controller as the existing drivers surely aren’t compatible.

  3. Microsoft if they aren’t careful will totally confuse the public with all this and lose out on sales to others while they know what they will get with those products.

    To be honest, I’m a little confused but thankfully the comment section on TSA helps me.

  4. Wired!? Wires are sooo 2005…

    Had my DS controller hooked up to my Android tablet via Bluetooth since ICS launch.

    • Thinking the exact same thing, should have one of those 360 wireless pad adapters built in.

      Also, yeah, is this referring to the pro version or the RT version? If it’s the latter, it’s a given really since it’s just a windows 8 PC. Also, they should add 360 pad support to the Windows 8 start screen, it works with a keyboard so why not?

    • My Tablet S has supported the DS3 for a long time before ICS now, wirelessly with no extra software needed, all nice.

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