Halo 4 Launch Trailer Arrives As Leak Floods YouTube With Spoilers

Despite those at 343i apparently happy enough to shrug off the leak of what is arguably the Xbox 360’s biggest game all generation, it’s true that Microsoft are aggressively trying to stem the flow of spoilers on video sharing site YouTube.

It must have been gutting to see the leak, especially as the marketing ramp up is still really to happen. That starts today in earnest, though, with the reveal of the official launch trailer.


It’s from the dual talents of David Fincher and Tim Miller, and is principally focused on providing some back story to the game and the Master Chief in particular.

My personal opinion is that this isn’t that strong – it’s sorely lacking gameplay footage, for example, something that any aspiring, curious individual can now almost certainly find without much fuss.

Whilst these trailers are obviously planned well in advance, countering the legions of recently uploaded off-screen cam footage with some crystal clear gameplay video would have been a pretty solid idea.



  1. I’m sure xbox gamers can’t wait for this, but for me that trailer was a little boring and didn’t really get me asking questions or getting excited.

  2. I thought it was quite good.
    Not been to keen on the recent Halo games, but might give this one a try :)

  3. as a promo piece it works pretty well i think, get’s you interested in the game.

    but for ads on tv and the like i think they’ll need to show some gameplay.

  4. I think one thing Halo has often done is tipped toed around the story, its always been focused on immediate events (plot) and never the surrounding story for purpose, and Halo Reach was quite frankly boring on all levels.

    BUT I really do like the look of his Halo 4, IF however the game looks anything like the trailers which somehow games never seem to do fully, I remember mass effect 2 trailer looked awesome but the game’s story was just a flop, I might just get this game for Christmas instead of summer.

    Bah, I just hope its great, good ideas and mythology need a damn good narrative and characters for once, fingers crossed.

  5. loved the Halo Reach one this was weak sauce.

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