Sony Teases “The Arrival”

Kris recently asked ‘What makes a good trailer?’ and praised the ‘Michael’ advert from Sony as a fine example of how to create a memorable advert.


Sony seem to be reprising the theme, first they gave us “The Reload” and now “The Arrival”.

The trailers are teasing the full reveal on October 23rd, the date that the U.S. was to get the new PlayStation store, however that has now been postponed and to be honest Sony would probably not spend huge amounts of money to create a live action trailer just for a store refresh, so what are the trailers for?

It looks like Nathan Drake is driving the vehicle and the previous trailer seems to reference inFamous so could these live action trailers be for PlayStaton All-Stars Battle Royale? Again, it’s an awful lot of money to spend on one game.

Perhaps, like the Michael adverts, these will be generic “Yay! PlayStation!” adverts or could they be something bigger? During a quiet post Eurogamer Expo pub chat we postulated that Sony could destroy the Wii U launch by announcing the PS4 a week or two before. They don’t need to give specs or details, just a logo and the web would go mad and Nintendo news would be buried.

We decided this would be an excellent strategy for Sony so probably the least likely. What do you think these teasers are for?

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  1. Love the ‘We decided this would be an excellent strategy for Sony so probably the least likely. ” sarcasm. Sadly, it’s too true…

    IF it’s PS4, I expect them to reveal the teasers are in-game footage. Or something similarly spectacular (Like the face that PS4 will end all wars) :-)

  2. Sony baffle me. They don’t bother to advertise titles that they want to do well (which then subsequently often don’t), or the PS3 at the times it has really needed a push, yet these now appear & no-one really seems to have any idea what they are for!

    Although, if it is advertising for PlayStation all-stars that would make sense as it’s gonna need all the help it can get from what I played. ;)

    • played the beta great game plus you get the Vita version free doubt it will need help.

      • I thought it was awful. In fact, i would go as far as to say i HATED it.

        It’s true that i have gone off of one on one fighters somewhat recently (which i am aware this is not), but this was nothing more than button bashing at its best, as most of the time you have no idea where your character is, let alone what the move sets are!

  3. I’m excited!

  4. Agent?

    Does look like drake driving the jeep though

  5. Well they need a new Home Console anyway.

  6. The license plate on the truck is in the Precursor symbols from Jak. Letter looks like it might be in Helgan? Looked Killzoney.

    • Letter is Precursor as well.

      • Actually the letter is in Lombax letters, and it is a letter that is addressed to Copernikus L Quark and it is the rejection letter from the roster of the PASBR.

        “Dear Copernikus,

        We regret to inform you captain…” something like this.

        The license plate is Precursor and it states Morgan, the name of the Naughty Dog’s founder’s late dog.

  7. Sony treases the arival of the holiday season. A bit early if you ask me.

  8. This is where Sony annoy me. Why spend stupid money on silly adverts when they can’t advertise good games.

  9. I don’t think it’s too big to be for one game. PSASBR is basically the only big game they’ve got this christmas. I don’t feel it’s out of the realms of possibility for it to get a big marketing push.

    Between The Reload and The Arrival there have been references to:
    -Ape Escape
    – DmC
    – InFamous
    – Ratchet and Clank
    – Jak and Daxter
    – Heavenly Sword
    – Uncharted

    Seems pretty obvious to me that it’s PSASBR

  10. These teaser trailers once revealed are almost always a massive let down. With that in ming, lets all enjoy the suspence.

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