Rumour: Zynga Fires 100 Staff During Apple Keynote

Apple’s keynote, in which the company announced a new revision to the main iPad range and a smaller, ‘mini’ version, might well be all the tech sites are discussing this evening.

However, reports are emerging that casual gaming powerhouse Zynga has – with immediate effect – fired approximately one hundred of its staff, with one Twitter user saying they were giving them just two hours to clear their desks.


Zynga hasn’t had the best luck lately, with users of its mobile and Facebook games dwindling in number, along with its share price and – of course – that high profile legal battle with EA.

The The Ville and Bingo teams are said to be worse affected, with the Slots team remaining. Our best wishes go out to those employees suddenly let go in Boston, Austin and Chicago.

Via Twitter, NeoGAF, Tech Crunch.



  1. That is fucking disgraceful and it seems that they may have sacked them for no reason. What’s worse is that they did it in an attempt to avoid bad press which to me, tells me that they care more about the press then their own staff.

    On the plus side, Thatgamecompany has tweeted that they value their talents and that they have jobs going which is aimed at those who were laid off. Wonder if Zynga are starting to panic due to the lawsuit and EA tend to excellent lawyers.

  2. How to bury news 101 – do it during an Apple press thing.

  3. You’re fired.

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  4. Gotta wonder how those still at Zynga feel about their job security right

    • pretty good knowing they didn’t get the sack, and now they’ll have to work there bollox off and try and make good of the company to ensure further members of staff don’t loose there jobs

  5. Hoping everyone affected land on their feet, and wish them great success in the future!

  6. Surely they can’t do that? Unfair dismissal and all that jazz?

    Don’t they have to have a valid reason, or are things different over there?

    • I think America allows employers to sack people on the spot with or without any reason. :(

      • Wow… that’s grim :(

      • employment laws in the US vary between states but some are fairly draconian, yes.

      • Just FYI, ‘draconian’ means unduly harsh or severe. To describe a law as draconian implies the law is much more heavy handed than required, often likened to “cracking a walnut with a sledgehammer”.

  7. whilst its sad to hear when people loose there jobs due to no fault of there own,

    business is business and sometimes company’s have to do it to keep there business’ running!

  8. Someone should have hogtied and bagged the Zynga HR dept at the same time as the Apple keynote and see how long it took anyone to realise. Bad form Zynga.

  9. Distaseful and despicable behaviour on Zynga’s part. Hopefully those fired will find better employment elsewhere and those remaining will have the sense to start sending their own CVs out before the announcement of Broke-Ville.

  10. A disgrace, and to those who are aware of this, will have a lot less respect for them.

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