SingStar Moves From Disk To XMB, Goes Free

[drop2]News that SingStar would be transitioning from disk-based retail product to free-to-play download isn’t terribly new, but today Sony announced that the popular singing game would be making the move soon, and it’ll also be appearing on your XMB.

So, once you’ve grabbed the client, you won’t need to insert a disk to start the game, it’ll just load directly from the XMB like the new Store, or, er, Home. You’ll still need your old disks if you want to sing along to any of the songs locked to the Blu-rays, but the client will obviously let you use your downloaded tracks.


Other features include the ability to cue up playlists with the Vita and there’ll be some demo tracks included in the free download. In addition to all this, if you’re playing single player you can now use the mic on the PlayStation Eye instead of the actual mics, and look out for new Trophies.

The SingStar client will be available to download soon.



  1. So, it isn’t really going free, only the empty shell becomes a free download. Any and all tracks -with the exception of a few demo snippets- still need to be paid for.

  2. great, cos i wont look like a prat standing in front of my tv with my hands in my pockets singing at my tv screen……………….

  3. I think this is pretty good news. Coming home with some friends a bit drunk means we’ll always have karaoke on the PS3 to keep us entertained.

  4. ..Still won’t fix my desires to sing legendary Black Metal songs.

    I amm themmmm *kills voice*

    I wished Singstar appealed to me more, but so far Rock Band is for me as there’s less pop or chart “hits” on offer. Rock Band Network as been ok with a few artists that people would never hear. I know its there to appeal to millions, but I don’t really care just give the select few stuff thats barely known.

    • You mean you aren’t busting out DJ Hero every day??

      I am shocked. :D

  5. Yay, another unused Icon added to my XMB. Why can’t its inclusion be optional?

    • It is optional – You just ignore it like everything else & play the game that you intended to. :)

  6. Pay to play fits perfectly this type of game, if song pricing is right. Otherwise, it’ll be a major flop.

    • Due to the game now going free to play, tracks can be individually purchased at the amazing value of £4.99 per track.*

      * This may have just been made up by me, but it really wouldn’t surprise me!

      • Song prices ain’t changing

      • You may have missed the sarcasm there, but i was joking! :)

        Who in their right mind would pay more, just because they have now decided to give ‘the shell’ away free?? :S

      • How much are songs priced at anyway?

  7. I’ll try anything for free :)

  8. Wasn’t there a free Singstar app already?

    • It was like a viewer, its gone now I believe.

  9. The best thing they could do is let me put all of the content from my disks onto my HDD.

    Sick of changing it every song for my drunk family at Christmas…

  10. Just installed firmware 4.30 and now there is a big SingStar icon between the BluRay game and the downloaded games, without any option to deinstall, hide, or at least move it :(
    I didn’t read this article before, so that was a very unpleasant surprise. I have zero interest in SingStar and just want to get rid of that!!

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