Dishonored Isn’t Done With, Dunwall Content To Continue

Skulking steal em up Dishonored isn’t done with yet, with the publishers having just announced some additional content in the form of three future DLC packs, to be available on the usual consoles (and PC) via the usual channels.


The first, Dishonored: Dunwall City Trials, will be issued in December. It’ll feature 10 challenge maps designed to “test and track your combat, stealth and mobility skills” and will include an arena battle against “waves of enemy AI” amongst others. It’ll also sport leaderboards and some new Achievements (and presumably trophies).

The other two have less information attached, apart from the news that they’ll be “story-driven” campaigns, and they won’t be available until 2013. The second one is based around supernatural assassins, and will feature new locations and weapons.

The notes make specific mention of the notion that they’ll all be released simultaneously on Xbox 360, PS3 and PC. So that’s Bethesda, releasing content on PS3, at the same time as the 360 version. Remember where you were when you heard that line.

Peter reviewed Dishonored recently, scoring it 9/10. He described it as a “complex game” and said that “although there are only nine distinct missions, there’s a lot involved in each one of them.”

“The ability to return to any mission you’ve already completed and play through it in numerous ways not only provides plenty of longevity, it also encourages you to experiment and learn the intricacies of the game,” he concluded.



  1. …Steal em up? o.o isn’t that Thief?

    • I’ll probably just hope to forget about the DLC.. then suddenly it appears on Steam, should be great additions to Dishonoured… which I need to play more. Damn.

    • And this is thief’s big brother ;-)

  2. Not surprised as it had the DLC option in the main menu. Hopefully, the challenge maps will be cheap and the two story ones will be £10 max. :)

    • No, £16.99.

      • Fact or opinion?

      • Opinion, but really I’m sure the DLC won’t be overcharged like from Activision

    • “Not surprised as it had the DLC option in the main menu”

      What game doesn’t/i> these days??

    • Challenge maps are £3.99 / €4.99 / AUD$8.45 (or 400 Microsoft Points)

      • Not bad. I probably wouldn’t get these if they weren’t cheap, but now will for completionist reasons.

  3. And i haven’t finished with Dishonored yet – due to a slight neck/shoulder injury which has halted my gaming for a few days :(
    Cool about the dlc though, i’m loving the main game so anything to prolong the experience is fine by me!

  4. Really enjoying this game so I was looking forward to the inevitable announcement of DLC, can’t wait for the story ones.

  5. Dishonored is great, good DLC will really help prolong it’s lifespan.

  6. looking forward to more content, loved the game

  7. I think the challenge maps should be included/free, I.m looking at you batman games. But I’m fine paying for story ones.

  8. DLC on PS3 at the same time as everyone else from Bethesda? So glad they used Unreal Engine 3 and not the Creation Engine.

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