Activision Release The Most Pointless Black Ops 2 Trailer Ever

There is a reason why we have moved the majority of videos into the weekly Trailer Park post but the new trailer for Call Of Duty: Black Ops II from Activision has the honour of being so utterly pointless and crap I have kicked it out of the feature and banned it from the pages of TSA.

The trailer lasts for an entire five seconds and shows an explosion.


That’s it.

During the first draft of this post the trailer was included at the top of the page, but if Activision cannot be bothered to make a decent trailer I cannot be bothered to post it.

Other gaming sites will be posting the video along with release dates and some lovely words about pre-order bonuses – lots of free advertising for Activision which they really do not need. Black Ops II will sell millions upon millions of copies with or without the help of the gaming press so what exactly was the point of issuing a five second trailer other than to make games writers across the globe dance like Activision’s pet monkeys?

Rockstar did something similar by releasing a single piece of artwork for Grand Theft Auto V, a piece of art (not even a screenshot) that was taken from a scene in a trailer that was released months ago.

The hype machine for games is getting ridiculous and bloated. THQ announced del Toro’s ‘Insane’ game with a trailer three years before it was meant to hit the shelves. Images and information is drip fed to the press in minuscule amounts and by releasing a five second trailer Activision have not only taken the biscuit, they have dunked it in their tea and scoffed the damn thing.

No doubt they are feeling mighty proud as their tiny, worthless trailer is emblazoned across the web. It will not appearing on TSA, this dancing monkey has better things to do.



  1. Tuffcub only accepts trailers that are a minimum of 6 seconds long.

  2. Great decision on not posting it here. No doubt you will be moaned at for even bothering with the post, but if you hadn’t someone would and I’d have to watch a stupid 5second explosion that I have no interest in.

  3. I like your attitude, Tuffcub. Good piece.

  4. Why? Just why Acti? I know SR3 took the piss with their 5 second-10 second trailer of a lot of logos and a guy getting punched in the nads but Blops is not geared towards comedy so why? I seriously doubt that people will forget what Blops 2 as COD is one of the biggest franchises in gaming history. Hell, you could get away without advertising it and it would still sell so why bother with the pointless trailer?

    Why do i get the feeling Acti were trying to do what Rockstar tends to do with this pointless trailer? Acti, it’s too late for that as there’s been a fair amount of trailers that lasted for more then it takes for me to lift a biscuit and bite it.

  5. Ooh – ‘splosion! Look! Pretty!

    There you go – Now no-one needs to watch it. :)

    • Oh ffs, you’ve spoiled the entire game for me. barsteward! :op

  6. I did actually watch this on IGN, which had a 30 second advert before it lol

    Its becoming a joke. Well done for not posting it.

  7. Funny, because they don’t actually call it a trailer on YouTube. Its just a “video”. A tease if you will. Nuketown 2025 is a pre-order bonus we hadn’t seen much of so this glimpse is actually quite welcome. Whatever though, continue to rant ignorantly.

    • please don’t resort to personal or pointless insults against other users [PC]

      • Best reply EVER!

      • Tuffcub, go to the naughty step now!

        Teasers are still trailers. If it was a video, Acti wouldn’t have sent it to sites and call it a trailer.

      • Wonderful reply. Now I’ll just reply to the adults here…

        The CoD channel has released all sorts of short videos to show fans glimpses of some of the zombies sounds. This is another example. It doesn’t flash “Call Of Duty Black Ops II” or “pre-order on Xbox 360” at the end. It’s just a mere glimpse of a highly anticipated map, it won’t happen with the others because they’re all new and aren’t as iconic to cod players as Nuketown. The video is called exactly that, a video, Steven. Not a trailer, not a teaser.

      • If they wanted to tease it, they shouldn’t have done a 5 second explosion as that says feck all about it. All they needed to do was show a glimpse of the map or include it in a trailer not send out a pointless teaser. Regardless of whether it’s a video, teaser or trailer. Plus a 5 second video that’s related to COD by Acti is generally called a teaser. A pointless one at that.

      • “I want greater depth from my teasers!” Think you’ve missed the entire point of the video.
        Considering every Nuketown game ended with the map exploding, I think it tells us a fair amount. If the writer of this post had put more effort into knowing what they were talking about instead of ranting inanely to appease the cool kidZ who hate CoD, we all might’ve found out a small tidbit or two.

      • I rather like COD, especially Black Ops rather than MW3, so please continue to rant ignorantly.

        You are also missing the point. It’s not my job to advertise every last little detail of Black Ops II – that’s the whole point of the post, even if there was a teensy snippet of something exciting in the 5 second video – which there is not – then I’m not writing it up because Activision are using the press as ‘dancing monkeys’ and I’ve had enough of that.

        Now, Im sure you;ve got something better to do so be a good chap and run along. I hear there’s a job going down the Melon farm.

      • Usually Teasers make sense. From a simple logo to the face of the character but an explosion is not a good way to tease a game. Unless it’s a Micheal bay film based game. Had they just had a sign that had Nuketown explode then fair enough but it doesn’t thus being pointless.

      • Theres a job going at a melon farm???

        Time to get my CV up to scratch methinks! :)

      • Not enough heaving bosoms in it to be a Bay trailer.

      • Good to see you’re keeping an ear out for prospective future job opportunities. Move up the ladder TC.
        Please show me where I said you didn’t like it? I just said you weren’t familiar. Liking things and knowing things are different. I like the Elder Scrolls games but I couldn’t tell you the significance of a DLC going back to locations from a previous game. Likewise, you like BO but couldn’t tell how excited some people might get about seeing their favourite map remastered. I’m a Firing Range kinda guy, just considering others in it all.

        It’s teasing an iconic map. It’s not an advert, it’s not a trailer. You won’t be seeing it on t.v. How they choose to tease is their business. Whether it’s a good tease for a map or not is merely an opinion.

    • Wether you call it a trailer or a video, doesn’t change what this was. I get it may have got you excited to see it but if we are going to get a 5 second glimpse of every map COD will have, then I will truely give up all hope for the industry.

    • I have to agree, I would rather the video was shown, and I could decide for myself if it was pointless, seeing as this is a news website. No doubt it is pointless, and fortunately the rest of the article does highlight this kind of stupid “teaser” culture which I find quite patronising, otherwise the article itself would be rather pointless.

  8. Tuffcub’s articles are always awesome lol.

  9. So if the trailer was that pointless that you refuse to post it on TSA, why this article? Does that make this article pointless?

  10. could have been worse, when J.J. Abrams showed a clip of his Star Trek sequel on Letterman, i think it was, he only showed 7 frames.
    that’s 7 FRAMES, not seconds, frames.

    besides, doesn’t an explosion tell you pretty much everything about COD? ^_^

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