What We Played #76: Rebuild, Don’t Look Back

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The lands of Skyrim laid claim to several hours of my time over the past weekend as I continue inching my way towards ‘completion’, dodging nimbly round the rotting corpses of glitched quests and their impossible objectives.

Despite the huge amount of time already invested the Thieves Guild, Dark Brotherhood and Imperial/Stormcloak quest lines still remain unfinished. At least I’m comfortable in the knowledge that the PS3 won’t see any of the DLC.


Let’s face it, even though there may be indications that Bethesda might like to bring Dragonborn to the PS3 (or are using a common template) if Dawnguard doesn’t fit in RAM, various bits of Morrowind aren’t likely to either.

Outside of my usual weekly exposure to Mass Effect 3 and Borderlands 2 I’ve also been playing a few Android games on my Nexus 7. I’m persevering with Mass Effect Infiltrator but for a quick gaming fix I’m more likely to be found completing a few grids in Flow Free.

[videoyoutube]When I have a bit more tablet-time available I’m loving Rebuild.  While it’s yet another zombie game it has you leading a group of survivors as you attempt to rebuild a little corner of civilization amongst the wreckage of humanity.

Starting from just a few buildings you must scavenge the surrounding area for food and equipment, search for other survivors, fend off zombies and marauding groups of human raiders and grow your secure enclave. More than once a ‘quick game’ has resulted in a lost couple of hours.

Aran has been playing Of Orcs & Men and you may well have read his review already.  The tl;dr version is “the game has brilliant ideas and characters but is executed poorly. I really wanted it to be great but it just wasn’t.”

He’s started on Max Payne 3 and is so far “loving its excellent production and challenging gameplay”. And for Halloween he’s lined up Shadows of the Damned, Metro 2033 and Dead Space 2 in case groups of kids in plastic masks begging for sweets isn’t scary enough.

Also Android gaming this week is Chris:

I’ve been playing Don’t Look Back on Android. A wonderful platformer by none other than Terry Cavanagh, creator of VVVVVV and Super Hexagon. It’s a free game, not free as in supported by ads or IAP, but actually free. Whilst it’s extremely basic, its soundtrack and wicked difficulty makes it well worth the one minute it takes to download and fire up.

Don't Look Back screenshots

He has taken FIFA 13‘s career mode for the odd run around the park too. While finding it lacking in some respects, “I really wish there was a way to coach players, the management structure still feels really superficial compared to its rival”, once it comes to the actual football he loves it.

Keep your eye out online too as Chris says that “hopefully the stars will align in the near future and I can find time to join in the clubs mode, thingy, whatever it’s called – along with other TSA-ers.”

Finally this week we have Jim’s mixed bag of gaming. After some time away he’s returned to Warhammer: Wrath of Heroes “just in time for the game’s Halloween content update. A smattering of new characters and the new “Garden of Morr” game mode have eased me straight back into the free-to-play MOBA.”

It’s one F2P game that’s he’s sunk money into in the past and it seems like he will do again. “I’ll definitely be looking to sink some money into WoH soon” especially if and “when the team decides to unleash more Dwarf characters.”

In contrast to that he’s picked up a copy of DJ  Hero 2 and he’s “been scratching and dropping samples ever since”. While he finds it “a bit more finicky than Guitar Hero or Rock Band” he feels that the game “fits in better whilst in a party environment”.

At the bottom of his bag of pic’n’mix we find Dishonored. (It pains me every time I have to type that without a ‘u’ in it.)  “The way the game’s mechanics lace together is intriguing, as is the setting”, he tells me, but disappointingly it simply isn’t grabbing him the way he hoped it would.

So, over to you, what have you been playing?



  1. Just Rage and lots of FIFA 13 this week, particularly FUT. Got my club value to 53,000,000 so still another 32,000,000 to go. :(

    Oh, and I finally reached a cumulative score of 50M on the Hitman Sniper Challenge, and a best score of 4,344,000 (which puts me within the top 190 globally, and #27 in the UK leaderboards, which is nice).

    Apparently my copy of Assassin’s Creed 3 has been posted today (although whether this is true is doubtful), but either way I’d better hurry and get Rage finished next week!

  2. Been playing Darksiders, the first one. Completed that and moved onto Chainsaw Lollipop. Pretty basic, crude, unapologetically sexy and has zombies.

    An absolute winner! Can see it getting boring soon though.

    Oh and I scored possibly my best goal ever on a console with Valencia (Man U player). Breaks out to the right about 30 yards out, on the up bounce. Huge dip, near post screamer.

    Can you upload goals from PES? I know you can with Fifa. Should maybe have a forum place to boast about them. I know CC-star has a great one of a ball in a net!

  3. Been playing nothing but battle royal its so addictive, I’m going but this for sure.

    Thought killzone HD was coming out with the store update on Wednesday still nothing was excited to finally play the first K1

  4. Just a little; Fallout new Vegas mostly, almost finished with the main story. Also finally picked up LBP Vita so I’ll get to that later today. Other than that, I’ve been watching Heroes on Netflix…it’s pretty great.

    • Heroes is awesome, Shame they cancelled it

  5. I’ve stopped beating my Snake and was Dishonoured this week. Tis excellent and requires a bit of patience. I’m doing it the stealthy way and only kill either in self defense or if it’s the target. Such as i was attacked by a weeper(Dunwall’s version of Zombies) and killed him. Have had to reload a few times due to me being spotted and if you get spotted a lot, the entire mission can change due to guards being more aware. I love using blink. Currently on the kidnap sokolov mission and have knocked him out. I killed the Pendleton twins by using a crossbow bolt to the head and wasn’t spotted. Twas an excellent feeling. Killed Campbell via assasination drop. Left the guard alive. I do tend to get lost most of the time due to a lack of a map but that’s part of the challenge. Would reccomend this game to anyone unless they despise stealth games. In which case don’t get it as i think you will die very often if you go in guns blazing.

    • Actually the beauty of Dishonored is you can go in all guns blazing. It’s been designed very cleverly to cater to many playstyles, often seamlessly.

    • I’ve finished it on “all guns blazing” and thought it was quite fun, need to collect a lot of ammo though ;)
      Just about to start a new game on stealth, which should be far more of a challenge :)
      Playing on PC btw, with a gamepad and it’s been completely flawless, makes a nice change :) :)

  6. Outside of the usual TSA meets (Showdown, RRU and THPS) this week has been mostly Doom 1&2 and the occasional race in F1 2012.
    I did finally get my Dirt Showdown platinum at last Sundays meet though.

    • The usual crowd was there and we all heart that lovely platinum trophy pling, and sang congratulations for you.

  7. Currently fighting my way through Dark Souls NG+ to get to the DLC I bought!

    • i have just bought dark souls dlc today and i cant see the content in my xmb menu, i mean its in my game data but none in the menu. do i need it there to play it or does it automatically apply to the game when i download it. and to get to it do i have to start a new game with a new character or can i use an old character and do it through new game ++. could u please get back to me on this. i have been waiting ages for this dlc and i want to get on it asap, thankyou

      • This one stumped me a little bit as well but a quick google search found it. there is no indication that the DLC has downloaded but it is there.

        As its Dark Souls, nothing is easy, not even accessing something you’ve paid for…

        Basically you have to rescue Dusk from the crystal golem near the hydra, then go to the dukes archives and kill the blue crystal golem right after the first bonfire (this guys new and wasnt there pre-DLC), then go back to where the first crystal golem was, easy!! sort of…

  8. oops, I missed the deadline to be included in this…

    Rebuild sounds really cool, I might have a look at that when I charge my Nexus 7 up :)

  9. FIFA 13 on the Vita, Final Fantasy III & Plague Inc. on the iPad.

    And that’s it (not much of time spent on either device too). I hate my current timetable in college. Can’t wait until January when it becomes merciful.

  10. Went for and got 100% trophies on Hell Yeah! And since wednesday I’m now apparently the one fan of MoH:Warfighter multiplayer … I’ll get me coat! :D

    • It could be worse mate, you could be in the CoD & Dead Space 3 corner with me – we take a right bashing ;)

    • You’re not alone hornet, i’m also enjoying the mp well untill blops 2 is released

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