GTA Vice City & San Andreas Both Rated For PS3

The American entertainment rating board, the ESRB, has recently rated both Grand Theft Auto: Vice City and Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas for the PlayStation 3, giving them the unsurprising “Mature” rating in the States.

This could be a clue that Rockstar are getting ready to at least release GTA: Vice City on the platform soon as part of the game’s 10th anniversary celebrations. iOS and Android versions for the title have already been confirmed, much like GTA III last year. However, GTA III wasn’t released on PS3 until September this year.


Whether Rockstar will have a similar release schedule this time around is unknown.

Rockstar may also just be getting San Andreas rated at the same time as Vice City to save time in the future, as San Andreas doesn’t celebrate its 10th anniversary until 2014. Yesterday it was discovered that GTA: Vice City had been removed from Steam, the reason most likely being something to do with the 10th anniversary.

Source: ESRB



  1. Looking forward to San Andreas the only GTA I love & finished

    You lot are quiet with the news today, slow day is it?

    • There’s nothing really interesting happening. There’s been a couple of repeats of stories from several months ago and some other banal rubbish. It’s a very slow day…

  2. Ok – Who do i need to shake to get them to do a HD remaster???

    I am guessing these are going to arrive as PS2 classics & whilst these actually do live up to the ‘classic’ title, i would much prefer they were dragged into this gen, rather than just being a cheap port.

    I would definitely love to play through Vice again (couldn’t really care less for SA tbh), but i would much rather earn trophies for doing so & have it look a bit nicer on my TV.

    • Aww, that’s gutting if they do that. I was expecting HD versions too! Meh. *folds arms grumpily*

      • I was hoping that they were going to HDify GTA3 when the 10 year anniversary rolled around (& that too was spotted on ESRB), but alas a month or so later, the ‘Classic’ version popped up on the store.

        Unfortunately, i see exactly the same happening here.

        If a HD Vice City did pop up though, i might just spontaneously combust in some kind of strange jizz explosion. So it might be for the best. :)

    • Yeah, I’ve got no interest in them unless they’re remasters, and preferably on the Vita. But I think they’d still feel very dated so I’d rather have new games with the same setting.

      • Yeah, i kinda felt bit funny about writing the last part (about trophies & so forth), but the fact is that i have already played Vice through numeous times, so trophies would just provide an extra push to go through it again & provide an extra level of enjoyment.

        That said though, i would like to see what it could look like now as well if it was jazzed up a bit.

    • Would it be too much to ask if they could include the “hot coffee” bit as well? That made San Andreas “special”.

      • Can’t say i ever used it – Was that a mod or a cheat? If it was a mod, was it rockstars mod?

        I seem to recall it getting bad press as a kid stumbled across it or something. I think they’d be keen to avoid that occurrence a second time around! :D

    • Indeed Forrest, considering that I still own my original copies of those games and a working PS2 console, these classic releases are of absolutely no use to me, whereas HD remakes are always welcome ;)

  3. Interested in both these at a reasonable price. Loved them both, San Andreas edged it for me.

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