Rumour: PS Vita Version Of LEGO Lord Of The Rings Doesn’t Feature Open World Sections

The handheld versions of LEGO Lord Of The Rings, something we’re quite keen to test out, won’t have the fully open world sections that the main console versions will have.

The PS Vita, 3DS and DS versions are out this week, but compared to the PS3 and Xbox 360 iterations (that are a few weeks away) the experience is likely to be somewhat dampened for those that like to explore off the beaten path between the main levels.

[videoyoutube]Another LEGO title that suffered on the Vita was the second Harry Potter one: on the device it was an ugly, disjointed mess, taking much of the 3DS game and blowing it up, creating a blurry, simplistic adventure.


Whilst we’re hopeful that Warner Bros. won’t repeat the same mistakes with the portable PlayStation version for ‘Rings, it’s worth noting that a separate developer is behind that version.

Not that we think Travellers Tales Fusion aren’t capable, especially with the added grunt that the Vita provides, but it does seem a little odd that the version some would have preferred to get will be somewhat less interesting.

Looks like, at least according to chatter over the last day or so, it’s a console version for the full experience, then. We’ll know soon enough.

We contacted the publisher for clarification on this, but no answer was immediately forthcoming. We’ll update this story if this changes.

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  1. I’m getting increasingly disappointed with what seems like the majority of Vita games being full releases but stripped down. I know I have a vested interest but I’m sure the Vita deserves more care and attention than being bundled in with the Nintendo handhelds in terms of the version of the game it receives.
    Lego Batman 2 suffers the same as well. I was looking into it but, like they seem to be doing for LotR, they cut out any free roam-esque parts. If I remember rightly they claimed it was to make it more portable friendly but it just feels like a cut down version instead.
    I’m glad we are getting games like AC: Liberation coming out but then they seem to get ignored, I still know next to nothing about the game but tonnes about its console counterpart.
    I hoped with games releasing on home consoles and the Vita at the same time it would be a case of would I rather play this on the Vita or the PS3 but now it seems the Vita is only really good for games developed exclusively for it.

  2. A scaled down PS3 game wouldn’t be so bad. But a 3DS port is.

  3. The stripped down nature of the Lego Harry Potter Vita game aided it in being probably the most fun and portable friendly game I’ve played yet on the Vita but severely damaged it’s longevity.

    I traded it in quite quickly for Mortal Kombat after getting the platinum (which means you have to 100% literally everything in the game) in a weekend of owning it.

    A true pleasure to play, but I didn’t have anything to bring me back afterwards.

    Still, it wasn’t bad at all. Except for the shocking quality of the compressed cutscenes that is.

  4. The same thing happened with Lego Harry Potter and Lego Batman, why do they think they can just give the vita a port of the smaller 3ds version when we’ve seen the vita can handle these bigger PS3 ports, for example NFS most wanted and Mortal kombat, with only a slight downgrade in the graphical quality.
    I personally think they’re just losing sales because of this, I would have bought Lego Batman and Lego LOTR if it had the open world element like the pS3 version I don’t want to buy it on PS3 because I think the Lego games fit a handheld device like the vita much better then on a home console.
    So if this turns out to be true then they’ve lost another potential sale from me.

  5. Ps3 version it is then.

  6. This sounds incredibly pessimistic but recently, every piece of Vita news makes me lose a little bit more faith in the console.

    Hoping AC and Killzone can revive this or I’m gonna sell it and buy some meth! (not really going to buy meth but I was just thinking about Breaking Bad)

    • Erm, I think its obvious the ports would pale in comparison to Vita exclusives and PSP RPGS.

  7. One does not simply ride into Mordor… in an open world.

  8. One does not get the full version of LLOTR on Vita. Instead one gets the slimfast version.
    I’m pretty sure that the Vita is capable of open world so it begs the question why they removed it? Could that it was already getting big and they had to reduce the size to avoid Sony rejecting it due to the Vita’s memory stick.

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