Media Create Reporting PS Vita Sales Have Hit Lowest Level Yet

The PlayStation Vita was always going to have its work cut out for it, if it was to make any real impact on a market that has shifted dramatically since the PSP days. A capable machine hamstrung by a high entry point, expensive accessories and an online store (not to mention the retail high street) where publishers continue to push the boundaries of what people are expected to pay for a mobile game.

That, and a lack of killer AAA software has lead to – especially in Japan – a certain amount of apathy towards it.


The latest figures from Media Create, a Japanese agency that tracks retail sales, point to less than 6,000 units shifted in the last week. That’s – as far as I know – the lowest it’s ever been. 5,806 to be exact, and in comparison, the 3DS, itself a machine that found getting started something much tougher than Nintendo might have hoped, moved 61,500 machines. More than ten times the amount that Sony did with the Vita.

And, with an tinge of irony, even the PSP is outselling the Vita, having sold 14,500 units in the same time period.

Two Vita games were in the top 20 software charts – The Legend of Heroes: Zero no Kiseki Evolution at #15, and a disappointing release for Capcom with Street Fighter X Tekken at #20, having sold just 5,400 copies in it’s first week.

Of course, new colours are hitting Japan soon, so perhaps people are just holding off for that, but a lack of top tier games on the horizon doesn’t bode well for a machine just about to hit its twelve month mark in December. If ever the Vita needed a booster it’s now, and as Monster Hunter continues to avoid the platform Sony desperately need a big name game announcement to ignite some interest before it’s too late.



  1. It is sad to see the system I love to play on, do so poorly.

  2. Experiencing buyer’s remorse, yet not because the system wasn’t worth it but instead because no one else is buying one! I’m counting on you, Westerners!

    • That’s how I feel sometimes. I wish more people would buy it because it really is an outstanding piece of kit

  3. Sony learnt almost nothing with regards to how the mobile gaming landscape had (and continues) to change. I hate to say it, as I love my Playstation (1, 2, 3) but sorry Sony, you’ve only got yourself to blame.

    • Totally agree. They have to realize price has to go down not only on the system, but also on games. A perfect example is Need for Speed: Most Wanted, which launches on multiple systems including Vita. The Vita version is priced the same as on other systems, off course people are going to choose the full console versions over it.

      They have done something right with crossbuy for some of their titles, but it’s not enough, why isn’t there crossbuy on NFS:MW, or at least a healthy rebate on the vita version, if you bough the PS3 version. I know NFS:MW is not a Sony game, but if they don’t get their partners more invested in the Vita, it’s never gonna shine.

      Another problem is the obvious cash in titles from some partners, eg. Fifa 13 or Lego Batman 2.

  4. It’s a shame the way the Vita is performing. However I knew when I bought it not too expect too much and accept it may become a failing platform. As I picked up AC3 Liberation today the staff in Grainger Games commented it would be a crazy person who bought a Vita when amazing Xbox360 packages are available. I think this comment (although missing the difference between home and portable) illustrates that the price of entry is simply too high. This has resulted in a low adoption rate, low volumes of new games and therefore even fewer reasons for people to pick one up.

    I do love my Vita and it has been much more compatible with a 16 month old than the PS3. However a poorly priced store, expensive memory cards and no system selling game all make the future look rather bleak… How long will it retain Sony’s support I wonder (not to be too negative)?

  5. It’s dying. With no software of real note on the immediate horizon, in my opinion Sony have little option but to take a severe hit by giving the machine a price cut to ignite some interest and sales before the upcoming Christmas period is gone.

    I’ve always been interested in the machine and still am and I’d have bought one at launch if there was any games in the mediocre launch lineup to interest me but the fact remains that at this point in time, I’d be a fool to buy one at the current price point coupled with the dreadfully lacklustre software selection on the shelves.

  6. There just isnt an incentive to impulse purchase one at the price outlay for a vita and a memory card coupled with the poor showing of quality titles (especially crappy 3ds ports of lego games). I really did want to purchase and was quite hyped before release until the price was announced and the anouncement of propriety memory cards that wouldnt even be included in the box. What is really the difference between a 64gb vita card and a 64gb sd card ? nothing but the price and an opportunity to rip off the buying public.

    Ive always been a supporter of the playstation brand but with the pricing of new hardware and the ridiculous pricing of digital games on the store (and the excuse that publishers set the price doesnt always hold up, steam dont have overly ridiculous prices) not to mention delays of games or games not even appearing after months with no word from above shows what contempt they have for customers. I will be seriously considering if i even want a ps4 as i dread to think what price point for that will be.

    I dont want to come across as an old moaning fart (I know im approaching that age) but what happened to good customer service ?, what happened to listening to your consumer ? or is it just a case of sony making serious losses in other areas of the business so lets milk the playstation cash cow dry until it dies ?

    Anyway enough of my ramblings and rantings just needed to vent.

    • They seem to be following the same pricing path with the SuperSlim PS3. There is absolutely no incentive whatsoever to buy the latest model PS3 when the entry level 12GB Superslim is the same price as a Slim 320GB with a game chucked in at a typical online retailer. Tough choice or no brainer?
      Sony always seem to have the gun holstered and pointing Southwards, but never seem to have the safety catch on the trigger. Bang….Foot!!

    • Media Molecule’s new and upcoming game looks like a gem that utilises Vita’s inputs / features / strengths. Forgotten its name.

      What happened with to all the Vita developer support. Thought it was fantastic to develop for and that Sony had a load of devs on board… was it lies? Have people jumped ship or is there a raft of games incoming…?

  7. It is indeed sad as a person who owns a vita, the hardware is not for one moment in doubt, lots of people man about price but its great value for the actual hardware and it’s specs albeit the memory card issue is a bit distasteful. I just wish SCE would start using common sense and give people fantastic deals and prices on games, they’re just outright ignorant if they think people will £40 for a game with no future DLC, scaled in some manner or other, content or graphics.

    The vita games I am enjoying are quite in fact coincidental in the fact MGS HD was a ps2 game, blazblue and ps3/360 game, lbp and wipeout are franchises already built. The problem for me is I want some creativity, something unique and thrilling, not some gimmicky touch screen ‘oh you can touch this, touch that’ I want something unique. And there is only two games remotely on the horizon, killzone which I’m still not sure about, and soul sacrifice which looks pretty amazing, but it isn’t really a lot. I tried out resistance demo other day, it’s increasingly annoying how the vita has more power than a ps2 or xbox and crap comes out of it because developers are too concentrated on modern graphics, I enjoyed sooooo many games that were bloody rusty irons compared to modern games graphically, but they were fantastic, GoW, Socom, GT3, Halo, kotor.

    Actually that reminds me of something, does anyone get the feeling some games are being held back because of disk capacity of hard copy games, like they can only carry 4 gig?

  8. Bundle it with a 4GB card, lower the price to $200 and give a voucher for a free game over PSN from their back catalog and they’d already start making a better impression. Also, reduce the abusive price for the memory cards, $19 for a 4GB card is nowhere near reasonable. I hate to admit, having bought portables to my kids (Vita for my son, 3DS to my daughter) it really surprises me how better service Nintendo offers, not only the unit is much less expensive, it also uses standard SD cards (you can even recycle one from your camera) and it comes bundled with a 2GB card! Not huge memory, but for the smaller downloads for the 3DS, that’s more than enough. For a company that was customer friendly and made the PS3 use a standard HDD, using this proprietary card doesn’t make sense.

    • Your little girl got the better deal. I asked my wife the other day for a 3DS for Christmas. :)

      • I think that too, at least for now. But my son is so much into Little Big Planet, Little Deviants and About a Blob that he doesn’t care for that. My wallet does, on the other hand :).

      • Lol. Yep.

        I think the main difference and the part I care about is highlighted so heavily between them and that’s not just the sheer amount of games available for 3DS opposed to Vita’s rather spartan catalogue, but that many of 3DS’s games are not available anywhere else. Just 3DS. What percentage of Vita titles can that be said about? That’s the main thing for me.

  9. hope it picks up over xmas great machine.

  10. Games like Battle Royale and NFS MW are almost the same price on the Vita and on the PS3. While I get that not everyone who owns a Vita has a PS3, everybody who does (like myself) will see little benefit in buying the Vita version. I say this in particular when it comes to heavy online games like these two; I’ll always have a better connection on the PS3 to play these.
    On the other hand, games like AC3 Liberation seem a good idea to me. I would also like to see more RPGs on the Vita; Persona 4 Gold is coming in the near future I think.

    • I think P4G is due to be released spring next year but Ragnarok Odyssey should be out before the end of the year and it looks very good

      • In Europe?

      • Yes. It’s already released in the US but Gunho are releasing it here and they said to expect it later this year

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