PSN Store Update: 31/10/12 – The One With NFS For £60

Most of us are reasoned enough to understand why prices for mainline games are so high on the PlayStation Store, but it doesn’t mean that we have to accept it as the norm. This week’s no different, either, with Assassin’s Creed III and Need For Speed Most Wanted both setting rather high prices if you don’t want to head out to the shops or buy a retail copy online.

Most Wanted is £60, if you’re wondering. Assassin’s Creed is £50.

[videoyoutube]Alongside the big hitters, though, is the HD remix of Capcom’s wonderful Okami. If you’ve never played the original you’re in for a (quirky) treat – Okami is a lovely game and now looks better than ever on the PS3. £15.99’s a bit on the high side, though.


Nicely, Sony have released Sports Champions 2 for the same price, which is great news. The sequel to one of the Move’s better launch titles, Champions 2 takes the best bits of the first game and wraps them around new sports. Also available on PS3 is Under Defeat HD, for £29.99.

Over on Vita, we’ve got Assassin’s Creed Liberations (for, ouch, £39.99) and the Vita version of Most Wanted, same price. Silent Hill: Book of Memories has also emerged, running at £24.99. Smart As, the cute little puzzler that Tuffcub didn’t really get on with, is also out, for twenty quid.

60 Second Shooter Deluxe and QuizQuizQuiz also appear for PlayStation Mobile, both for pennies over two quid. Remember that PSM games don’t have trophies or PSN functionality, yet, but it’s coming.

Sadly, as you might have guessed, Counter Strike: GO is absent, as is Retro City Rampage and DYAD, three games that we’d have well expected to have made the cut at some point. It’s pretty obvious Counter Strike’s never actually coming out, but it would be nice to have some kind of update.

In terms of DLC, there’s the obvious day one Assassin’s Creed stuff, more costumes for Dear Or Alive 5, the Hostage Negotiation Pack for Max Payne 3 and the Nightmare in North Point download for Sleeping Dogs. Details of everything else can be found on the PlayStation Blog, as usual.

So, £60, eh?



  1. Tempted by Sports Champions, unfortunately with my set up I don’t have the room for crazy arm flailing without risk of damages to both myself and my property.

  2. Looking forward to Sports Champs 2, will be one for Christmas though.

    Digital pricing issue aside… Love Criterion, but far from sold on open world racing, as good as Burnout Paradise was its open world nature spoiled it for me and prevented it from being as great as previous entries into the franchise.
    I felt Criterion had designed around this problem with NfSHP having both a free roam mode and defined race routes, so I’m still on the fence as to whether I pick-up NfSMW now or wait for a price plummet.

    • Am right there with you regarding the open world issue. I just don’t want that in my racing games. Does look good though…

  3. NFS:Most Wanted and Assassin’s Creed:Liberations are the most rip-off prices I have seen.

    On the US store they cost $39.99 and $35.99. First they sell expensive Momory cards and then they think we are supposed to buy these EXPENSIVE games.

    • That’s £23.15 more than ShopTo for NFS. Defo a rip off.

  4. Seriously £60 for a downloadable game, madness.

    As for the £20 reduction in price for the Vita version of NFS does that hint at it being a serious downgrade to the console versions?

    • it is brilliant on the Vita apparently.

    • @Skib I’ve heard that it’s pretty bad on the Vita as you can’t see enough screen/surroundings ahead of your car view, and you tend to crash into things that suddenly appear in front of you.

      Sounds like a disaster if that is the case and especially for that rip off price…..console version’s the way to go!

  5. Man those are some bad prices. Who’s going to buy Under Defeat for £30 other than the absolute hardcore?

    Shame about the price of AC3:Liberation – I might as well go and buy the card so I’ve got something to trade in.

    • Indeed. You can expect that Under Defeat game in sales very soon.

    • I payed £43 for my copy of AC3:L, physical of course. I don’t see why you would want a big game like this digitally, with the prices for PSVita storage so high.

  6. Nightmare at North Point, Okami and Sports Champions 2 for me, will probably wait with SC2 till around Christmas though. Great update!

  7. I would recommend Okami for anyone unsure. It’s a fantastic game.
    <– You can tell im a Okami fan.

    • i never would have guessed. ^_^

      as for me, i’ve got the ps2 version, so i’m not keen on paying 16 quid for a better looking version, not when the game still looks amazing on the ps2 due to the art style.
      and i can take or leave trophies.

      but for anybody who doesn’t have it already, it’s worth getting.

      • I have both the wii and ps2 version, yet i’m still going to get this. Personally i couldn’t care less about the trophies, i’m buying it for the game itself.

  8. Anyone interested in buying Okami HD … it’s up on the store already, just use the search feature, I’m downloading it as I type this, it’s a 6.3Gb download.

    • Jesus! I’d probably have an easier time trying to squeeze an actual dog onto my HDD! :D

  9. £40 for vita games is ridiculous especially if us store is selling em cheaper. To be fair this is what makes me not much bothered SOMEtimes about the vita, even now the prices aren’t that reasonable, stuff like unit 13 is still £30. I’m sure A3 liberation is great, but when I can but the walking dead for £12 on steam’s ‘hell of lot better’ halloween sale cos they are actually reducing games not crappy dlc, well my actual money is better spent else where. I do so hope January sales are better.

  10. I would argue that £16 for Okami – a beautiful looking, lengthy, fantastic RPG – is pretty reasonable.

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