PS3 And PS Vita Racing Titles Go Cheap For Two Weeks

PlayStation have announced a racing game sale on the PlayStation Store, which kicks off today and offers up to 50% off a series of racing genre titles across PlayStation 3 and Vita.

Presumably to make way for LittleBigPlanet Karting, ModNation Racers on PS3 is just £5.99 from today for a week, and the Vita version is the same price. You can even get the PSP version, for £5.19.


Back to the PS3, and look out for a big pile of MotorStorm discounts. Apocalypse is just £5.99, 3D Rift is £5.19 and RC is £3.19, although that one’s not exactly a massive saving.

Codemasters are in on the act, too. DiRT 3 is £11.99, Showdown is £23.99 and F1 on the Vita is £15.99. Not really terribly exciting (and you’ll get them cheaper online, on physical media) but there you go.

The Ultimate version of Ridge Racer on Vita is just £9.99, though – that’s a really good deal.



  1. The Ridge Racer Ultimate pack seems too good to pass on at that price, I’ve needed a Vita Racer for a while.

  2. Hey, buy a racing game to keep you busy when we release a new game we want you to buy? Oh!

    Anyway, any price reduction on older titles is a good thing. Many still a joke in comparison to physical releases though.

  3. selling other racing titles cheaper at the same time as releasing LBP new racing game?

    totally confused, but hey Sony know what they are doing I guess.

  4. 3D Rift is Pacific Rift in 3D right? (Sounds like a silly question now i type it, but what the hey!)

    Didn’t they close the online servers for that game?

    • Yeah they did and I don’t think 3D Rift is the full game either, more like an extended demo.

    • Not on sale, just single player priced but chucked on the pile anyway……”any old trout” :P

  5. Do you get the full game with ridge racer?

  6. Sadly discounts aren’t quite as good as a real store… Although I highly recommend Ridge Racer:-)

  7. MotorStorm Apocalypse for £5.99 is a superb offer, there can’t be too many people the offers appeal to but at least the offers are being thought up and promoted rather than leaving the games to rot unbought at silly RRP prices.

  8. Tempted by DiRT3, might look around see what online prices are like first though.

    • You’ll probably find the complete edition on disc for around that price now i expect.

  9. Only bought Ridge Racer a few weeks ago! Hopefully the passes can be discounted so I can get more content for cheaper.

  10. Probably a strange question, but as I’m getting a Vita for Christmas, can you purchase these games early and leave them on the PS3 to be installed later?

    • yep it will be on your PS3 then you can transfer them over to your Vita

      • Great. Money spending time when I get home then! :)


    • As Origami pointed out you can buy them early. I don’t think you even need to download them. Any game you own you can download later (subject to the number of different devices you may download to). Games that you buy through your PS3 show up in your Vita download list and vice versa. The download list identifies which games are compatible with the Vita.

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