Andrew House To Become President Of Sony Entertainment Network

Tim Schaaff, the current president of Sony Entertainment Network, is to retire at the end of the year, leaving Andrew House to take up the role.

Schaaff was headhunted from Apple as Sony attempted to emulate their success in the areas of online music and video distribution, and has been with Sony for seven years – he’ll still be an outside director, but House will take over his daily duties.

House currently holds the position of president of Sony Computer Entertainment, but will cover both roles as Sony attempts to meld together the PlayStation gaming brand with the selling of other media content.

“Tim has been a strong leader within Sony who truly embodied the ‘One Sony’ spirit by successfully leading corporate-wide initiatives across business units since he joined,” said Kazuo Hirai, President and CEO of Sony Corporation.

“I’m grateful to have had this unique opportunity, proud of the commitment my team has demonstrated, and encouraged about Sony’s prospects in this strategic area,” said Schaaff.


  1. naturally the heading should have read “Schaaffter”. wasted opportunity!

  2. maybe he can sort out SCEE massive problems? Go on, I dare ya

  3. Maybe House will be able to bring CSGO to EU PSN store.

    • It has been in his inside pocket all along.

  4. It’s interesting to read about other divisions of Sony. They headhunted the chap from Apple but how did that turn out? I don’t touch Sony for music. Does anyone else? Hell, they have quite the music library! Films too.

    I just feel like they’re wasting their money as they tend to too many “wounds”, as such.

    • Awful performance really and that’s not taking into account just how much content they actually own in the music & film world – although that may hinder rival companies partnering with them.

      but if they can’t even distribute their own products in a compelling manner on products & services they own, how the hell do they hope to have a chance of drawing in rival products.

      Xbox is cornering the non-Apple/Amazon market.

  5. Maybe House can make a better Home?

    I’ll get my coat.

  6. House…….Roadhouse.
    That is all.

  7. “one sony”

    Kaz was making a joke there, wasn’t he? o_O

    • Nah, he was just pissed up one night & started singing footie songs about sony.

      “There’s only one sony, one sony…” etc

      • i’d love to see a video of that. ^_^

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