Sony Announce Powers As Their First Original Series

Look, you probably know I’m a massive comic book geek, so when Andrew House announced that a TV adaptation of Powers was coming to Sony Entertainment Network, I was incredibly excited. If you’re not familiar with the comic series, it follows a police unit who are dedicated to dealing with crime around superpowered individuals, mixing gritty crime drama with a fantastical setting.

The original comic series is, frankly, great, and while its creator Brian Michael Bendis may have been given a little bit too much time on stage, it was good to see Sony following up on their promise to bring original video content to their network.

It was also interesting that Sony announced that episode one would be free for all, while the whole series is free for PlayStation Plus subscribers, adding further value to their subscription service. Hopefully we’ll see Sony continue to bolster their subscription offering with more of this type of original content.

While we didn’t get any confirmation on a non-US date for Powers, the series is apparently coming to the US in December, so I’d expect to see it make the move to other territories shortly after that.


  1. hopefully Europe doesn’t have to wait too long, and hopefully we’ll also get it free with our plus sub too.

    i’m a huge fan of Bendis work in comics, though i’ve never actually read Powers, so i’m looking forward to seeing this.

  2. Hmm, okay could be good, although after reading about it on Wikipedia (sidetracked from looking for other Brian Michael Bendis’s work), it seems the show has been kicked around a bit and had to be ‘retooled’ after a pilot was shown to the FX network.

    I could be wrong, but reading between the lines, it seems to me that Sony have decided to put it on PSN because none of the TV networks wanted it.

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