PlayStation All-Stars Battle Royale Goes Gold, Final Boss Shown

Sony have announced that scrapper PlayStation All-Stars Battle Royale has gone gold, meaning it’s ready, done, finished, and will be on the shelves pretty soon.

They’ve also shown off the game’s cinematic attract mode video, which – curiously – also shows the game’s end boss as part of the finale of the trailer – see if you can spot him below:


It’s a bit of blast from the past, but if your memory doesn’t stretch back that far, here’s a bit of a clue: he was behind SCEA’s original marketing push for the original PlayStation, way back in 1995, before being famously canned by the higher-ups. It’s good to see him back.

Cute, eh?



  1. Can’t help but feeling they should have put more characters from the start.

  2. Surely ‘going gold’ means ready, done, finished and needs day one patch?

  3. So the rumours turned out to be true, cool. Fancy trailer, but it would be more amusing if Sony took the less serious approach.

  4. So excited to get this in two weeks time. Probably the game I’ve been most looking forward to.

  5. This trailer is freaking awesome, we best see this on tele.

    Who was that the Helghan was shooting at before sackboy came out?

  6. The final boss mentioned (of which i will not mention the name) just reminds me of the film Lawnmower Man.

  7. No idea who the boss is. but it should have been a GIANT ENEMY CRAB.

    The trailer is fantastic, I was disspointed when I saw the game, I was hoping for something more along the lines of Street Fighter, not some silly button mashy bippity bop hippty skippty thing.

    • Agreed on the game – I approached not knowing too much about it & hoping it would be good, but it went from “ooh, might be interesting” to “BURN IT! BURN IT WITH FIRE!”.

      Just a confusing mess of a game as far as i am concerned.

    • I guess they are aiming for the pick up and play accessibility which Street Fighter certainly isn’t. Basically what Smash Bros offered.

      I still reckon it’s a right laugh online or with mates but then I suck at Tekken, Street Fighter, Marvel vs Capcom etc.

  8. What’s the everyone’s general feeling on this game? Im still kinda un decided…

  9. I like the beta. Smash Bros. on PlayStation – good to me

  10. Personally I thought this was great fun. Played the beta with some mates and a few drinks and it was reminiscent of our Smash Bros days. It’s not quite as good though, which is a shame.

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