Bargain Special: Where’s Cheapest For Call of Duty: Black Ops II?

Call of Duty: Black Ops II gets its launch tomorrow, and in probably the year’s biggest gaming release it’s not surprising that many stores will be opening at midnight to satisfy the appetite of the hordes of fans desperate to see what all the fuss is about.


Tesco leads the way with a low deal price of £24.99 as part of a linked purchase, this represents a good value way to get credit for your console of choice too. According to MCV, ASDA will be selling for £38.97 making it the cheapest standard price, whereas gaming specialist GAME and HMV have fantastic trade-in deals.


  • Standard: £44.99
  • Deal: 99p when trading-in two recent titles from this list, plus £5 of reward points if bought with selected Black Ops II merchandise.


  • Standard: £42.99
  • Deal: Free when trading-in two very recent titles from this list of 10 games.


  • Standard: Unverified
  • Deal: £24.99 when bought with 2100MSP (£18.00) or £25 PSN Credit


  • Standard: £38.97


  • Standard: £39.99

If queuing up at midnight doesn’t sound like your thing, then here is a selection of online prices.


  • £39.00 PS3 & £39.97 Xbox 360 with free standard delivery or £5.99 next day.


  • £42.99 with free standard delivery.


  • £44.86 with free standard delivery or £6.00 for next day.

Although these deals are verified at the time of publishing, it’s a fast moving industry, they are subject to change so it goes without saying to check availability before  making a special journey or handing over your hard earned money.




  1. no real decent bargains I don’t think. I’m using my refund back from MOH Warfighter on it in HMV. Thanks very much HMV, at least you understand when a shit game is worth refunding a customer on the odd occasion.

  2. I just want to know how much declassified is going to be on PSN

    • If recent prices are anything to go by then at least £50

    • My bet is £39.99. The boxed version is that much and Vita download prices have matched with retail prices so far, some have even worked out cheaper such as LBP

      • Not sure, Sony have been reasonable or very good on digital pricing, but still to see 3rd parties launch games at reasonable pricing, instead sticking to their SRPs

        It seems to be £39.99 from retailers, wouldn’t be surprised if the SRP was £49.99 though, which is what it could be on PSN

      • Nah, pretty sure RRP is £39.99. Which is what it will be on PSN.

  3. That Tesco deal seems like a no brainer if at any point you’re going to spend £25 on PSN (or xbox equivalent) anyway.
    If I was getting it that’s where I’d go. I’ve got far too much of a pile of shame to get through as it is, can’t be doing with another one.
    It’s just a shame that this is about as cheap Black Ops 2 will be for the next 6 months.

  4. Thanks for the overview. With so many deals floating round its hard to keep track, lol. The best I’ve seen (without trading in games of course) is £34.97 from TescoDirect using a £5 off voucher code. Little concerned they haven’t despatched it yet however… :-|

    • Also heard from quite a few that Amazon haven’t dispatched yet either.

    • Same here…

      Last year for MW3 Tesco Entertainment had the same launch offer, but had another that if you’d pre-ordered it then you could buy a PSN card for the difference price (~£10) to effectively get the same price as this offer – something to do with their pre-order price promise. I wonder if they’ll do the same again this year?

    • I bought from Tescodirect once and it didn’t come for a few days after release. I never bought from them again. Hopefully this isn’t the case and it’s with you asap.

      • My Tesco Direct order is showing as “Sent to fulfilment” so it looks like they’ll be getting them out today.

        Not that I’m really that bothered TBH – I can wait a couple of days! :D

      • I placed a pre-order for NfS:MW at tesco on the Wednesday before the Friday launch. The estimated delivery was Saturday, but they didn’t even post it until the following Tuesday, and then it was sent 2nd class post, so didn’t get to me until Friday.

        You’ll want to look at the shipping options. 1st class postage used to be standard from them, but it is no more.

      • I’ve had mixed results from TescoDirect. If I remember correctly I ordered the original BLOPS from them and got it one day late, however I received Darksiders2 a whopping 4 days early!
        Not the end of the world if it doesn’t arrive tomorrow as I caved and picked up a copy of Halo4 this morning but it would be nice if they kept their promise of day-one delivery.

      • Gotta laugh, my order still says waiting to dispatch and yet the postie has just delivered it…

        Also they are doing the same pre-order price promise and have sent me a £10 code towards one of the points cards. Only problem is they’re out of stock online for PSN cards and it’s a limited time code (runs out on 18th). What’s the betting they don’t get stock again until after it expires?! ;)

  5. Got mine being delivered today Via Simply Games. Should be there by the time I finish work.

  6. ShopTo

    £44.86 with free standard delivery or £6.00 for next day.

    Fuckin’ ‘ell. Remember when ShopTo was always the cheapest?

    • they like to go rip of mode on very popular games not fair it should be £39.99 max there doing it with GTA5 as well.

  7. Hi, long time lurker, first time poster. Blockbuster are giving away act of valor on blu ray or dvd and offering an extra 30% on all trade in items also. Im not sure of the in store price, but they are usually pretty good nowadays compared to what they used to be.

  8. CEX in Streatham were selling the game on Satuday morning.

  9. Just picked up my copy from a local independant. Do they get in trouble for selling early and secondly do I get in trouble for playing it early?

    • Last week or before, maybe… today, no

  10. I’ve pre-ordered with Tesco as I was sure they’d be doing a deal. I may even get two copies as I’m sure I’ll be able to trdae it in a make some money!!

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