PSN Store Update: 14/11/12 – Sonic Racing, NFS, Black Ops II

Today sees the release of the In Motion DLC for Portal 2, a video explaining the new (Move) controls is below but in short it’s a new set of test chambers that use the motion control exclusively, and the option to use the Move through the main story mode. Sadly it’s not free – the pack costs £8 – but we’ll take a look at it as soon as possible and let you know what we think about it – throwing and Portal surfing look cool at least.


There’s also a demo for Need For Speed: Most Wanted, so if you’ve yet to try out EA’s latest driving game then today’s your chance to do so for free.

Agarest: Generations Of War 2 is also out on PS3 – £27.99/€34.99, Of Orcs And Men is £49.99/€59.99, and Saints Row: The Third – The Full Package is £39.99/€49.99. And if you’re looking for some kart action and aren’t sure about F1 Race Stars, check out Sonic & All-Stars Racing Transformed for £29.99/€39.99 – a great price.

Over on the PS Vita there’s the much anticipated but currently under-reviewed Black Ops Declassified, which apparently only takes an hour to get through the main single player campaign – a set of small missions that play like those in Unit 13. There’s more to the game (and 4 vs. 4 online of course) but that does sound pretty short considering it’s a £45 gamble.

“Single Player Operations are a blend of story missions and short objective-based missions,” explained Nihilistic’s Robert Huebner. “They are tight, fast-paced and meant to be replayed to get higher scores and better times. Similar to story missions, they weave together and tell a story, including cinematic moments that feature dialogue and reveals.”

Over on PlayStation Mobile there’s the quirkly looking Panic! and the return of Amiga classic Alien Breed, which now features the same updated graphics and a chunk of levels that the recent iOS version did. Yes, it’s more expensive than it is on iPhone at £3.19/€3.99 but those Vita buttons will make dispatching the bad guys considerably easier. Alien Breed was great, and hopes are high that the PSM release still has that magic.

Obviously Retro City Rampage isn’t there – hopefully, unlike Counter Strike, it will appear at some point. I think we’re pretty close to just giving up hope on RCR, but we’ll give it another week or two.

For all the DLC, check



  1. Vita black ops is pretty good imo looks much better as well, I was still doing the first mission after about 30 mins on 2 stars difficulty so a hour sounds a bit far fetched, plus it has other modes the guns are brilliant.

    • Agreed, whilst they are short, it takes time to get them right and with room for improvement there’s loads of re-playability. Hostiles mode is fun as well. Basically my two favorite modes from MW3 on the Vita. Not forgetting the time trials and multi-player too. This is not Resistance Burning Skies, its not a fully blown COD either, but I am very pleasantly surprised with it

    • I can never understand how some people finish their games so quickly.. There were people saying Dishonored was only 5/6 hours long, took me about 30 hours. :)

      • Dishonored probably is about 5-6 hours long… If you rush through it, only doing the main missions you are given & not taking any time to be stealthy. Which i really don’t see the point of in a game like that.

        Otherwise, yeah – 30h is probably about right (by estimation). I have been playing for around 5 or so hours & i’m still wandering around the first area on the 2nd (?) mission.

      • That’s it, you can’t expect to get the full experience by speed-running it – but it is easy at times to neglect/pass by large unexplored spaces in Dishonored. Once i twigged that i made a priority out of exploring every nook and cranny before turning my attention to the main missions.
        Quality game – hope you enjoy it!

    • Yeah, it’s just the usual internet speed runs, I think.

      Everything always takes me way longer than I see being quoted online.

    • You must be crazy.

  2. Thats a great price for Sonic Racing Transformed, i’m half tempted. But i think I’d prefer the physical disc.

    How come the update isn’t done in list format like it used to be?

    • Agreed – On wanting Sonic Racing on disc rather than a download (although that is a good price!) & the question of where the list is.

      C’mon people – Help out us lazy readers! Extra clicks mean more work dontchaknow. ;)

      • Haha! I’m definitely a lazy reader! I have the playstation site blocked at work which saddens me greatly

      • Not blocked for me (perhaps it probably bloody should be though!), but i am incredibly lazy. :)

      • Sorry, Peter’s away, and most of this was pre-written.

      • Lol – No worries Al – It was somewhat of a lighthearted gripe from me anyway.

        I am still very lazy though. ;)

      • Back to work maggots! >.<

  3. I’ll just pick up the Tekken dlc and the Zen Pinball 2 table. Bit light on the ground update but I’ve got enough to play.

  4. Dead Or Alive 5

    Doatec Divas (£2.39/€2.99)
    Swimsuit Collection A – All Packs (£9.99/€12.99)
    Swimsuit Collection A – Pack 1 (£3.99/€4.99)
    Swimsuit Collection A – Pack 2 (£3.99/€4.99)
    Swimsuit Collection A – Pack 3 (£3.99/€4.99)

    Haha – I know someone that’s going to be pleased with this! :D

    • Shh, don’t tell anyone!

    • Yaaaay!

    • “Busted”. You know me too well, Forrest. So people do remembers what is said during TSA-meets. Indeed, I am pleased with this. I’ve spend a small fortune on this game now, but its worth every penny. The collectors edition hasn’t even arrived yet. To sum up this dlc in one word: “Bubbly”.

      I am still in the race to be the first person on TSA to platinum it (It would my first), but you Crazy_del likes a good fighting game as well, so he might beat me to it.

      • You can do it fella – Just think of those digital jubblies wobbling about & that should help you along to that plat! :p

  5. Alien Breed seems cool but that’s a little too high for an impulse buy from me. I know that probably sounds crazy but if this was £1.99 I’d pick it up for sure.

    I feel sorry for the guy behind RCR – I just really want to play the game so am hopeful we’ll see it this month?

  6. the PS mobile games only work on Vita don’t they?
    well and other certified devices.
    what i mean is, not on ps3, or psp?

    • yup, not on PS3 or PS3 sadly

    • Yeah I guess its because of the touchscreen that they be on PS3 or PSP?

      Would love to see more though.

      • Here’s a thought, a Dead or alive game on the vita where you can use the touch-screen.

      • but they did have Doa on a touchscreen, and it was nothing exciting. Disappointing.

      • People were too busy touching themselves i reckon. ;)

  7. I was just looking at the Rocksmith dlc (its Rush) and they’re like £2.39 on Steam. Why? I’m sure nobodies buying them. I hope… I wouldn’t even pay that much for a freaking single song. ridiculous, managed to be worst than Guitar Hero.

    • It is a bit on the expensive side, I’m hoping they’ll chuck a load of them on PS plus for around a quid a song. The US pay around £1.90 per song but I think they’ve had songs going to Plus with discounts in the past as the game released a year earlier than over here.

  8. And the wait for RCR continues ”until” Fred or Jawad has new infomation about it also, I might as well give up waiting for CS:GO because PSNEU does not have any infomation and Valve can’t even be bothered to tell them and Black Ops II is out so face it, Europe might as well miss out on it but hey. Least DLC for Portal 2 came.

    What’s really sad is there is no new discounts. Just 30% off Portal DLC and that’s it. Nothing else. I hope RCR doesn’t suffer the same 3-6 month delays like Dyad did. I mean this is not fair for European gamers now.

  9. Anyone know if either of the Toejam and Earls are on Vita or work on Vita?, in my head those games are ideal for vita

    • nah, they won’t be compatible. Should :/

      • Damn

        Wish I used the word Vita more in that question

  10. Ratchet And Clank All For One is also free for Playstation Plus EU members along with Cubixx HD another reason I am glad I signed up to it

    • Yeah, that’s been the case for a week or two now. Whenever the November offers went live.

    • The artwork and graphical gameplay mechanic on R&C AFO is utterly outstanding, an absolute masterpiece. Worth a download just for that even if the game as a co-op based adventure isn’t everyone’s cup of tea It is mine though, I’m enjoying it. ;)

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