Friday Fun – Missing Letters Quiz #2

Last week’s Missing Letters Quiz was viewed by over 23,000 people, which implies that there are a lot of you who fancied wasting a few minutes as they watched the clock ticking down to their weekend.

Surprisingly few people actually entered their answers though. Perhaps because so many viewed after I’d provided the answers and announced the most successful entrants, perhaps because there was little incentive if you thought you only had a few answers correct.

So, we’ve decided that we’re going to run a little quiz league. We’ll be posting this sort of thing every Friday for a few weeks and everyone who enters will have their score counted and accumulated each week. So if you’re not so successful this week, it’s still worth entering because you might have a great round next week and make up your score.

After five weeks, I’ll work out who wins overall and we’ll send them a code for £10 PSN credit. In the result of a tie, we’ll throw all the tied entries into a random draw to pick a winner.

Here’s this week’s quiz, provided by our very own more leary version of Magnus Magnusson, Lewis Gaston.

[gravityform id=3]

Update: Well, loads of people got 9 correct answers, mostly due to incorrectly spelling one of the answers. Only one person got a full compliment of correct answers, take a bow, Brendancalls. You’re carrying the slimmest of leads into this Friday’s quiz.



  1. Nearly there, this is a hard one!!

  2. Think I got them all, and made extra sure to spell them right this week! Some of them were really hard, and then others I spent ages looking at it only to slap myself when I worked it out!

    • I was exactly the same, can make you feel smart and stupid in equal measures ;-)

  3. I think I’ve got it this week again.
    Years doing the Codebreaker Crosswords has helped, it becomes a lot easier when you put the letters into patterns and think about what rules exist that mean such a letter has to be followed by another
    A bit of help from Mr. Google never hurts either ;-)

  4. future quizzes will have different formats too, so they won’t all be based on how well you can fill in the blanks. I think Lewis is doing a picture-based quiz soon :)

  5. I wanted to, but I suck at this, can’t even guess a single one. But will wait for the results, usually makes me think “oh, that was the one!”.

  6. Pretty sure I got them all other than the ‘Z’ one, no idea for the life of me what that could be! Had to just make random guess.

    • Perhaps we can team up – thats about the only one I can work out!!

      Well, it is Friday afternoon…..

  7. Can we have the ‘QUIZ! whumpwhumwhump!’ jingle embedded in to the page pls?

  8. Good fun! Think I got all apart from the “Z” one, which I made a guess at. If I got it right, I’ll donate to the charity of Mr Chapmans choice, just for the kudos of including it!

  9. Answers are now up, under the radio buttons.
    Just checking on entries now, will update the post with some stats in a minute or two!

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