PS3 Sales Now Almost At Xbox 360 Levels, 70 Million Sold

Sony has this morning announced that 70 million PS3s have been sold, pushing the console very close to the sort of levels Microsoft announced last month for the Xbox 360, despite the PlayStation 3 releasing almost a year later.

In the press release, originating from Japan, SCE also announced that 15 million Move motion controllers had been sold, although that figure appears to relate to units sold through to retail, rather than individual end users.


There are 3,590 games now for PS3, with more than 595 million units sold.

Other figures listed includes PlayStation Network being available in 59 countries and regions, there are 170,000 items of downloadable content for the PS3 and, finally, there are more than 400 games that support Move.



  1. 400 Move games!? Wow, really, I can only think of about 20!

  2. Now i know why PS+ games for Europe is much better than US. Sony should have thanked EU somehow.

  3. Average owner has bought 8.5 games during their time with the console, wow some people must hardly buy any.

    Shame there’s no figure for Move install-base.

    PS3 should pull ahead next year with Beyond, Last of Us & GoW4 although all the rumours & leaks for next-gen will start dropping after Christmas.

    • Makes me feel like a shameless game whore, I own 48 retail games at the moment and have probably traded around 20 titles, then there’s all the PS store digital games that I’ve bought from SuperStardust HD onwards, also there’s a few on pre-order like GTA V, Tomb Raider and Sonic transformed. What a slut!! :P

      • I surpassed 100 discs last year and I think my digital games must be at least double that by now too (ps+ caused a lot of that). I’ve rented a lot more than I’ve played too. I used to have about 30 games per console before the ps3. I’ve nearly hit 30 vita games already (not including rented games).

      • I’d say that around a third of my games have been bargain basement in the £teens price wise. Some can wait, but some just need buying on release!! :P

      • I use lovefilm to rent them on release and then pick them up once they’ve dropped in price. I don’t really like spending over £20 for any game.

      • Glad to see I’m not the only one with ridiculous quantities of games! I just managed to build up a massive backlog of things I would ‘get around to’…and just about am now!

    • Or they buy pre-owned. That 595 Million games is is probably aat least double when you take that in to account

      • I was thinking exactly the same ps3 is more of a pre owned games system just to spite developers who can’t develop a game properly I.e Bethesda also am sure heavy rain suffered from pre owned sales

    • Thats weird because over the last 4 years ive bought well over 200

  4. That’s good news for Sony, now it should be an interesting ending to this generation between MS & Sony

  5. The power of a Blu-ray player. Not a lot but a substantial amount will come from the Slim pricing to bring it in cheaper than some mid range Blu-ray players and it has better media capabilities than most USB Media Centers. That may also account for some people buying 1 or no games for the PS3 as cc_star pointed out.

  6. more than 3 and a half thousand games?
    wow, i’m guessing that includes psn titles as well, but still, that seems like a lot.

    they’re not counting ps1 and ps2 “classics” are they?

  7. How come other sites are reporting this as simply 70 million shipped? We always get into this debate. Still, 70 million is an impressive figure.

    • 360 says the same thing shipped.

  8. 400 Move games sold and not 1 of them good.

    Well apart from killzone 3 and Portal 2.

    • So that’s at least 2 then.

  9. well done Sony year behind as well plus MS had RROD.

    • Yeah, but likewise, PS3 had YLoD. Dunno that it affected as many of course, but it was certainly enough not to write it off as ‘coincedence’.

      Unfortunately, the difference was that MS actually bothered to compensate RRoD in most cases, not sweep under the rug like it was all just made up.

      • I have had 3 PS3s, I got a fat in 2008, bought a slim in 2010 and traded the fat for a second slim in 2011. In the same time I have had 3 XBox 360s, First one (purchased in 2006) died out of warranty of RROD, second one had a hard disk fail after 2 months and took 3 weeks for MS to replace it, I traded that in for a slim 360 which I hardly ever use, probably because of all the issues I had previously. My 2 current PS3s and my gaming PC get a lot of use, and someone somewhere is probably still using my old fat machine. So I figure the number of PS3s actually in use is probably well ahead of XBox 360 by now, just from my own personal experience. As such the Xbox 360 figures are probably more inflated due to RROD than the PS3 ones are due to YLOD.

      • yep have had 3 360s die on me not one PS3 has had 3 of them as well.

      • What does that prove?

        I’m on my 4th PS3… 2 YLoDs & the third one was showing the same symptoms my others did before YloDing so I exchanged it.

        Although it’s known early 360’s were far less reliable overall, once the class action forced their hand – MS did the right thing & managed the problem they’d cause. Kinda prefer it to Sony’s stone-walling.

  10. I am on my 5th PS3 i think, so whilst it sounds impressive, the figures never reveal the whole story.

    I suppose the same could be said for MS, and as for Nintendo, well, I know a fair few people that own a Wii and probably havent used it for well over 3-4 years now!

    Glad i got the PS3, been some excellent games this gen, and the blu-ray is such a bonus. More great games still to come hopefully, although not sure who will be getting my hard earned cash next gen…

    400 move games??? where are they?

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