Friday Fun Fuzzy Picture Quiz #1

Continuing our little Friday quiz run, something a little bit different this week. We’ve got ten images from a range of different games. Some are very recent, some are a little older. All you’ve got to do is fill out the name of the game you think the image is from and submit your answers. Oh, it’s not quite that simple: before sending them, Lewis pixelated the images a bit to make you squint.

Don’t forget, whoever is in the top spot after our final quiz before Christmas will get a nice little early present of some PSN credit. After last week, Brendancalls is leading the pack but there were a number of you close on his heels and who knows, perhaps he’s rubbish with pictures?

Update: Well, this week’s quiz drew out a few more entrants and the leader board has had a bit of a shake. I’ll keep the league table secret for another week, we’ll start showing that after the next set of results. For the time being, I can tell you that only one person got all the answers correct and that was FalconRedux. The answers are now available via a little button at the bottom of the form.

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  1. Well that cheered up Friday at work!

  2. Do we have to get the correct game? I mean to say specifically if one of the pictures was a second game in the series?

  3. How accurate with the game do we have to be, e.g. If, say, one of them was Metal gear Solid, do we have to be specific as to which one it is?

  4. I loved the game in Picture 6! I wish they made another one. I guess Motorstorm RC came pretty close…

    • me too, one of my all time favourites.

  5. Hmm, something tells me these games are not all from this gen!

    …& no, i am not referring to the pixellation! ;)

  6. Yes, you have to get the correct game in a series to be right. My spreadsheet won’t give half points ;)

    • not even a .5?
      you need a better spreadsheet. ^_^

  7. They could all be Call of Duty with the state of all those blocky graphics ;-)

  8. Number 7 had me stumped, it looked like a ninja taking care of the Christmas turkey.

  9. I missed last weeks, and looking at the pics there’s no chance in me winning.

  10. Pretty sure I got all apart from 1 and 3, which I have a suspicion from the pictures might have been a bit before my time.

    • That’s probably why they’re the first two I got… Because I’m old.

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