Sony To Fix Cloud Saving Bug In PS Vita Firmware 2.00 – 2.01 On The Way?

Sony have issued a statement that suggests another firmware update is just around the corner for the PlayStation Vita, which was updated to 2.00 this week.

The release, on the Japanese Sony site (and yet to be translated in an official measure as far as we can see) says that the ability to use the cloud save functionality doesn’t work properly.


“We are preparing to update the system software as soon as possible to improve this condition,” it says, via Google Translate, with the nod to the Content Manager Assistant as a possible route to ensure your data is backed up.

PlayStation Plus owners should have the ability to push saves to the cloud automatically, but this isn’t happening. Hopefully they’ll fix the issues promptly.



  1. At the same time, they should fix Content Manager Assistant for PC, so it opens up correctly in Windows Firewall the necessary ports for it.

    Hint: port 9309 TCP/UDP.

  2. Well I hope they do it soon, I hardly keep up to date with saves back ups so seeing as I’m paying the money it would be nice to have it automated.

  3. It’s not only the Vita needs fixing. Every time my PS3 auto uploads I’m always left with a corrupt data file.

  4. Is anyone else having the weird “problem” where sending a message to a friend on the PS Vita copies the message to your own account as well?

    Keep sending messages to a mate and receiving them myself on the PS3! He’s replying though, so I’m not just going mad and sending them to myself accidentally.

    • Haven’t experienced that, though the upgraded web browser on vita has crashed a couple of times, seems to have trouble digesting some webpages. I hope they fix that too. it was auto-reported after all.

  5. They should also fix the messaging on vita that came with the new update, if you send a message using the vita, you will also receive your own message on the ps3 annoying

  6. If any of you are having problems after the 2.0 update regarding massively nerfed internet speeds, even resulting in the inability to access the playstation store via your PSV due to a timeout, then i seem to have come across the solution.

    Settings>Network>Wi-Fi Settings> Check the box that says “Disconnect Wi-Fi Connection Automatically”

    So far it’s a bit of a mystery why this works, with sony yet to comment on the situation, here’s where i found the solution, from a guy called rockleesan_esp.

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