Wii Mini Is Real, First Image, $99

[drop2]It looks like the rumours we reported were true – Nintendo are bringing out a redesigned, smaller Wii alongwide the brand new Wii U.

The smaller Wii Mini, spotted on BestBuy’s site (via EG) sports a fetching red and black style, and will release next week on December 7th, at least in Canada.


Confusingly, Nintendo are also releasing the new Wii U this week, a console that’s already proving a little confusing to the casual market, judging by this sampling of Twitter responses

This new addition is hardly likely to help, with shelves that’ll now be stocking the new Wii U, the new Wii Mini and – presumably – the old Wii.

Nintendo has yet to officially announce the Wii Mini.

Update: full info has emerged from the BestBuy site. It’ll cost $99, and comes with the console, sensor bar and a Red MotionPlus controller with Nunchuk.

There’s no internet or GameCube support, though.

Update 2: the Wii Mini is exclusive to Canada for this holiday season.



  1. Nice

    Shame Nintendo themselves won’t be making new titles for it, but understandable I suppose. There’s one hell of a back catalogue available for it, if the price is right.

    • Think Nintendo are pretty poor with $-£ pricing, so will be interesting to see how $99 compares.

      Lack of internet with its access to virtual console is disappointing & would have been a great way to get iPlayer/Netflix etc onto a spare room TV… So chalking this one up to a missed opportunity, just like the PSPE1000

      • Damn, no Internet (for the classic library) is pretty much a deal breaker…

      • The lack of internet does seem puzzling. I can not find the quote now but I am sure that Phil Harrison stated that the people who buy at the tail end of the cycle like this (he was talking about the PS2 though) are people you do not make much money off. It seems strange not to try and draw these people towards digital downloads.

  2. Judging by the Twitter responses I’d say the majority of them are clearly thick.

    • Seems to me that they just need to find this little known search tool on the web called ‘google’.

  3. A Mini Wii? Will they be releasing Doctor Evil next?

  4. Great idea but a year or two late. Now is probably one of the worst times to release it. It’ll either not sell, or will but eat at Wii U sales.

    • It should have released when the recent Gamecube-less Wii released.

      Although I think it was Steve jobs that said, you’re better off cannibalising yourself than someone else doing it.

      Wii U won’t be ridiculously huge seller like Wii & 360 was, I’m certain its success will come next Christmas period when the new Sony & MS consoles are out and Nintendo can do a massive 3DS style price drop, release a Mario Galaxy, Mario Kart & Zelda game plus lean back on a year’s worth of back catalogue… It will be very compelling then. although, if they can;t drop the price then I think it will limp along and maybe never properly get going.

  5. Looks stunning, but why release it now?

    Bad timing. Still, that’s one sexy console.

    • I have to say, it’s a lovely looking design (along with the packaging). Very smart.

      • I don’t know why, but it looks like a pair of bathroom scales to me.

      • yeah i’m with you there LewisJ999. Looks like a cheap £5 battleships board game case.

        Was tempted, but no Internet??? Seriously

  6. It looks neat but they really should have released this around the time of Kinect and Move. With the Wii U being backwards compatible there isn’t as much a need for this now.

  7. I am appalled by the fking bad language and bad grammer and bad spwlling in those twitter responses. fucksake peeple grow up! Bad language aside, the mini looks a little bit like a PSX, know what I mean? And also, if the scale of the console and the controller in the box picture are accurate, doesn’t look very mini.

    • If that picture is accurate, doesn’t that make the Wii the size of a DVD box?

      How much more mini do you want?

      • Minidisc size? :)

      • colsham, just seen the updated pic, when the story was first put up it was a box shot with the controller next to it which didn’t make it look too small. The new pic seems quite dinky though so I take it back :)

      • If anything though, i would have said that the packshot was actually a better measurement of size, as you had the picture of the wii-mote to gauge against.

        Now you are just looking at a picture of the wii itself, which could be the size of a coffin, or might be the size of a big mac box. There’s just no way to tell!

      • It does have the look of a Big Mac box but I’m not badda ba ba ba lovin it.

      • Forrest, you’re right, I don’t know where I stand anymore! Having googled a few more pictures I can’t actually see if this is smaller than a regular wee or not. Whatever size it is the quality of the plastic doesn’t come across well in the pics. Minidisc size would be perfect actually.

  8. That actually looks nice. If the price is right it might be worth picking up to play some gems that I have missed since selling my Wii. Still haven’t played Mario Galaxy 2 or Zelda Skyward Sword…

    • That’s what I was thinking of… with Mario Galaxy 1&2, Metroid Prime Trilogy, Zeldas, Mario Kart, Boom Blox & a load of JRPGs there’s a healthy back-cat to get stuck into.

      Shame there’s no Virtual Console access through it not having internet & of course the ability to access iPlayer/Netflix etc on a second/third tv in the house would have been cool too :(

      • The lack of VC access makes this a much harder sale for me… Is there a LAN adapter sold separately? Not up to date with all the Wii accessories.

      • Nevermind. Canada exclusive for now…

  9. Literally would go and buy one. but only in canada? and no mario kart online ?! what is the point

  10. so this is about £70, think i would rather pick up a 2nd hand one from ebay or a game store tbh, but it looks good, the missing features are a deal breaker though

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