Distant Worlds Final Fantasy 25th Anniversary Concert Giveaway

[drop2]On December 7th, Distant Worlds: music from Final Fantasy is returning to Chicago to celebrate the 25th anniversary of the series.

The nearly sold out event promises to be one of the biggest yet, and we have two pairs of tickets to give away to our lovely TSA readers.

The celebration, which takes place at the Akoo Theater, will have a special lobby event that takes place before and after the concert.

This includes a special duet performance by Nobuo Uematsu and conductor Arnie Roth, a Theatrhythm: Final Fantasy tournament where you can win a custom FFXIII-2 console, and a Final Fantasy themed photo booth. Everyone that attends the concert will also receive a free limited edition poster. It’s going to be awesome, to say the least.

It’s really exciting being able to send another group of TSA readers to one of these events again. I’ve had the privilege of attending every concert in Chicago since they started doing this back in 2005 and it has only gotten better each and every time. If you have never been to a Distant Worlds before, this is your chance to experience the brilliant work of Nobuo Uematsu live.

Here’s how to enter:

We want to know what your favorite song is from the Final Fantasy series and why. Leave a comment below with your answer by Monday, December 3rd to enter.

To be eligible, you must be able to seriously attend the event on December 7th. Obviously this is aimed at TSA readers in Chicago – we can’t pay for any travel or expenses. Winners will be chosen using random.org and will be contacted via email.

We encourage you to leave a comment even if you are not entering the contest, but please leave a note stating so. It will make the selection process much easier to go through. For full details on the event, be sure to check out the official Distant Worlds website.

Our usual Terms apply.



  1. One Winged Angel – Because Sephiroth is Badass and VII was the first FF I ever played Sunk so many ‘should be studying’ hours into that game.

    Obviously not an entry.

  2. What a great prize! I wish I lived in Chicago :(

  3. “To be eligible, you must be able to seriously attend the event on December 7th”

    So no smiling whatsoever?

    • No smiling allowed!

      • But dressing up as Sephiroth and kill the entire band then summon Meteor is okay?

  4. Terras theme. It’s absolutely brilliant, gives a feeling of sadness on top of foreboding doom.
    Even if you don’t care for FF7 I’d recommend looking this piece up. Spotify has an orchestral version, and the OST is findable on youtube.

    Going to Chicago would be a bit expensive so obviously not participating in the contest.

  5. My favorite song from a Final Fantasy game has to be “To Zanarkand” from Final Fantasy X because it is a beautiful and epic piece; it’s also fun to play on the piano! ^_^

    Count me in to win a pair of tix, I’ve never been to a Distant Worlds concert ever and would love to attend!

  6. CAN”T WAIT ITS GOING TO BE EPIC!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  7. I really love “Dancing Mad” from Final Fantasy VI. It does a fantastic job of portraying complete insanity within Kefka.

    I live in Chicago, so I’m entering the contest.

  8. This is tough as FF has a lot of excellent songs. From One Winged Angel to You are Not alone. I would have to say One Winged Angel as i think that alone got me into video game music. However, FF13’s soundtrack is a bit average and FF13-2 murdered the chocobo theme with a shitty death metal remix. :( Not entering as i can’t afford or own a passport in order to get to there. In fact, you should listen to OWA as it is epic. Have listened to Gauis’s theme from FF13-2, reminds me of the Soviet Union.

  9. ‘Let’s celebrate 25 years of awesome music’

    Amen to that, fantastic music that I would so much love to listen to. Good luck to others who answer :)


    Thought capitals would make it easier to sift through.

  10. I cant make it to Chicago but I feel “The Man with the Machine Gun” is my favourite from Final Fantasy VIII. Upbeat and a contradiction to Laguna himself who is always downbeat. Love it.

    • :D Yes that’s one of my favorites from 8. Along with Eyes on Me (well Roses and Wine to be exact)

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