Skyrim’s Dragonborn Heading To PS3, Bethesda Haven’t Forgotten About Us After All

Eschewing the belief of the populous that they simply can’t figure out the PS3 at all, Bethesda have announced that they’re bringing the latest DLC – Dragonborn – to Sony’s console.

Previous extra content has skipped the PS3 due to several issues the developers couldn’t work around, but it appears that this latest one – which hits the Xbox 360 tomorrow – will actually make it out.


Not that this should be a massive surprise – PS3 code was found earlier in the year that indicated Sony’s machine would finally get some attention.

“We’re also happy to announce Dragonborn will be available on PS3 and PC early next year,” they said on their blog in the last hour or so.

It’s not clear whether the delay to the PC version is due to the same technical problems that beset the PS3 one, or some exclusivity period that the 360 version – as is par for the course for Bethesda and big open world adventures of late – is enjoying.



  1. About bleedin’ time too!

  2. Next year for the PC master race???? How outrageous, the world would’nt likely exist then. Damn you Microsoft…

  3. About ******* time !. Looking forward to this DLC. Hearthfire was a mod basically & Dawnguard was disappointing.. still would like both on PS3 but for now F*CK YEAH DRAGONBORN !.

  4. Dragonborn is the first DLC I actually want to get for Skyrim anyway.

    I’ll be getting it for PC though, not PS3.

  5. “Skyrim’s Dragonborn Heading To PS3, Bethesda Haven’t Forgotten About You After All”

    “Skyrim’s Dragonborn Heading To PS3, Bethesda Haven’t Forgotten About YOU After All”

  6. Bethesda, if MS have gotten you to sign another deal for a timed exclusive, just tell us as we will understand. Can’t understand why they are struggling to develop it for the PC as they have experience.

    Am hoping that they will release a GOTY edition that includes all of the add-ons and not just be a repeat of the Oblivion one which only included Shivering isles instead of all of the DLC.

    Wonder if they will keep telling us it will come every few months?

  7. Going to wait and see about this. I haven’t got a copy of skyrim yet, mostly because of all these problems. If they can get it fixed I’ll definitely be hunting a copy down and taking the time off to get into it.

  8. I traded my copy long ago.
    Too little, too late comes to mind.
    If they ever release a GOTY edition with all the DLC on it (working) then I might consider it again, but if not, I’ll just wait for the next Elder Scrolls game to come along instead.

  9. Sold. Love a reason to get back into my favourite game of the year.

  10. Sold my PS3 copy for £20 and bought the PC version for £8 so can now put the other £12 towards the DLC on the PC.

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