Rayman Legends Demo Lands Next Week On Wii U

Rayman Legends, the follow up to the wonderfully pretty and quite-nice-to-play Rayman Origins, is getting a playable demo next week on the Wii U.


In perhaps today’s most niche of news postings here on TSA, Ubisoft have confirmed that the game will appear on December 13th on the Wii U’s eShop, ahead of the proper launch for the full thing at the beginning of March next year.

Legends will provide “fresh multiplayer gameplay experiences and expand beyond the traditional platformer genre,” according to the blurb, although we’re hoping the developers aren’t changing too much – Origins was great.



  1. Oh dear, another reason not to put down my Gamepad when I’m in the house. Don’t need another one of those so soon!

  2. Really hope this will be available for the PSvita in the future! Really can’t see how it would not work as you could control the bug with the touch screen just as good on the psvita.

  3. If this stays a Wii U exclusive I’ll definitely have to buy one. Rayman Origins might be one of my all time favorite games and comes really close to Super Mario Bros. 3 in the platformer category.

  4. Cannot wait :D With Bioshock being pushed back to late March I now have no excuse not to pick up this awesome looking game.

  5. Yayyyyyyyyyy

  6. I’ve been rewatching footage of this today and after playing through Origins on my Vita I absolutely can’t wait for it to come out! It’s going to be a long wait from playing the demo in December to its release at the end of February though!

    • I was thinking the same lol. Hopefully they don’t put a play limit on the demo like they do the 3ds demos (or if they do they make it something generous like 10 playthroughs). I imagine i’ll want to play it several times during those 3 months heh

  7. How times change, yet stay the same- I 1st bought Rayman on the Atari Jaguar, gorgeous game, but sneered at for being old hat…….

    By time the 2nd arrived, even more gorgeous (had DC version, still play today) and last Rayman game was Origins on PS3, gorgeous again., so whilst originally i never thought i’d see a sequel, so glad i did, reviews now praise the games, yet public seem to ignore them.

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