Job Adverts Suggest Bend Are Working On Another Uncharted For Vita

Did you like Uncharted: Golden Abyss? Well, it looks like developers Bend are working on another, if information taken from three separate job adverts posted today can be extrapolated to fit. Of course, they could be working on absolutely anything, but considering past experience, a gap in the market for another title and – well – the descriptions, it’s likely that this is for another Uncharted.

The three new roles are for a Senior Staff Environment Artist, a Senior Staff Artist and a Senior Staff Character Animator, all at their Oregon head office.

Between them, they mention things like “organic and inorganic terrain” and “architectural elements”, “textures and setup shaders that mimic real word properties like metal and cloth” and the animator is to work on “characters, weapons, vehicles and everything else” and “cinematic sequences including acting, facial animation and lip-syncing”.

This is likely to be an existing IP, due to an “established direction” and “engine guidelines”.

Oh, and if you want a bonus job description – this one for a Senior Director of Brand Marketing mentions “next gen software” – wonder what that could be all about


  1. I’d love another Uncharted for the Vita. Felt GA wasn’t perfect but if they improved on the model, it could be fantastic.

    • They just need to lose those damn charcoal rubbings! The jigsaws I liked….

      • Haha yeh they were a bugger. Stuck at 99% and I couldn’t see what bit I hadn’t rubbed. Very annoying.

      • Other way around for me. Loved the rubbings, hated the jigsaws.

      • I liked both the charcoal rubbings and the jigsaws but i didn’t enjoy taking photos of special locations so much. :)
        If they’re making a new game i’m all for it.

  2. More Uncharted on the Vita would be excellent. Golden Abyss is probably the game I’ve enjoyed the most this year.

  3. It seems likely to be another Uncharted, but it could also be for another Syphon Filter, Resistance, God of War or even by a very long shot; The Last of Us.

  4. Would be great. Especially if they could bring the multiplayer over too.

  5. I understand that GA was generally very well received, but it feels a little like they are milking the brand somewhat – GA first earlier this year, then that card game thing, now this.

    Although, that said, i am guessing this may be some way off yet, so perhaps it will be fresh again after a bit of development time.

  6. wouldn’t mind another uncharted on the vita, iI really liked the first one. It was quite long, the game play was consistent with the ps3 version, the graphics were in my opinion awesome and the story line actually had me engaged.

    so I’m all for another one if it’s only gonna get better

  7. GA is my favourite Uncharted game (slightly ahead of Drake’s Fortune, and a country mile above the other two) so i would love another one from Bend ::)

  8. Golden Abyss had the best gameplay but worst presentation of the Uncharted games.

    The story was slightly worse than Drake’s Deception and nowhere near even Drake’s Fortune level, never mind Among Thieves, which was the best.

    They need to work on location variation and a more engaging story- more Sully, bring back Elena, Chloe, Flynn, Cutter, Eddy etc.

    Bring me some more Uncharted characters, damn it!

    • Story was one of the best parts of GA!

      • Boss fights were easily the worst. Those last two on crushing were just not fun.

      • Oh yes, definitely. Those were terrible even on easy. Touch screen boss fights are a terrible idea.

      • Didn’t think it was.

        The script really missed the old characters too- just look how much more enjoyable it became when Sully enters the game!

  9. I don’t get why this should be uncharted though?

    Could be infamous or some other cool ps3 title.

  10. would love some more Uncharted the game was brilliant.

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